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Metroid Dread Amiibos Are Causing An Uproar

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As excited as the world is about upcoming release of "Metroid Dread," the game's accompanying amiibos are causing a fan uproar, and it's easy to see why.

Nintendo offers amiibo accessories for a variety of games, and fans are more than happy to collect these cute character figurines that are designed to provide "cool in-game extras." However, the clear gameplay advantage that comes with the "Metroid Dread" amiibo 2-pack seems to drastically outweigh its $30 price tag. Not only do players get permanent capacity upgrades for both health and missiles with the amiibos — they'll be able to use the amiibos to replenish both categories once a day. Some fans have noted that the major advantages offered by these super-powered collectables seem to stand in direct contrast to the core survival elements of the "Metroid" franchise.


The controversial "Metroid Dread" amiibos come in a 2-pack sold by GameStop, Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. The E.M.M.I. amiibo gives players room for 10 extra missiles, plus a daily fill-up. The Samus amiibo will boost max health by 100 permanently, plus a full heal once daily. That's a lot of bang for your buck, even for something that costs half as much as the actual game in question.

In case you're still not sure why these powered-up amiibos are making a scene, check out their availability. Not only will you find them sold out just about everywhere, but scalpers have already gotten their hands on them and jacked up the price significantly.

Dread drama

Of course, scalpers driving up the cost of "Metroid Dread" amiibos is unfair. Some listings on eBay are already in the $300 range, which is more than 5 times the $59.99 cost of the "Metroid Dread" game itself.


"Metroid" fans on Twitter are not happy, to say these least. @CrazyCliff_ sees the "Metroid Dread" amiibos as a "cheat." After seeing both the "Metroid Dread" amiibos and the Special Edition of the game sell out, @LordVainDesang shared a Bugs Bunny meme wishing scalpers "an excruciatingly miserable life devoid of love." 

Furthermore, some players are worried that not having the amiibos will make it impossible to fully complete the game. As @ultraweeb shared, "I sincerely hope those extras don't make it impossible to get 100% items or I'm gonna be fuming." Looks like Nintendo might end up owing fans an apology for amiibo shortages, and it won't be the first time.

Despite the drama, "Metroid Dread" made a big splash when it was announced at E3 on June 15. After years of Nintendo's hint-dropping, the first brand new 2D "Metroid" title in 19 years is nearly here. Though fans are happy to say goodbye to Adam's controversial treatment of Samus, these amiibo woes seem set to cause a new wave of problems, if the recent uproar surrounding the "Skyward Sword" amiibo is any example.


"Metroid Dread" will release on the Nintendo Switch on Oct. 8, 2021.