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Streamer Calls Out The Double Standard Of New Twitch Meta

Following an unexpected warning from Twitch, "Overwatch," "Apex Legends," and variety streamer Mushu is speaking out against a double standard on the platform.

While other streamers are able to share some forms of sexual content on their channels, Mushu recently received an email informing her that a "booty" emote shared on her channel had been removed and banned. On June 17, Mushu tweeted a photo of the disciplinary email alongside a photo of Twitch streamer Amouranth angling her tightly-clad bottom to the camera and licking a microphone suggestively. The accompanying caption from Mushu read, "A story in 2 parts. Like I don't give a damn what you stream, but HAVE THE SAME RULES FOR EVERYONE."


There's a lot to unpack here. First of all, Mushu made it clear that, while she brought up the suggestive content shared by Amouranth, her issues were with Twitch, not her fellow streamer. She was using the example to point out the irony that although suggestive ASMR/legging streams taking Twitch by storm have been allowed recently, a cartoon emote of a red, spiked monster shaking its tail was flagged.

Further Twitch Controversy

As of late, the ASMR Twitch meta has outpaced the formerly popular hot tub meta. And unfortunately, both viewers and streamers alike have been left largely unsure of what Twitch considers to be inappropriate content.


For example, take Amouranth's shocking demonetization from Twitch because of her hot tub streams, which led to streamer xQc claiming that Twitch was using her as a scapegoat for the larger issues on the platform. Though Amouranth's ad revenue has since been reinstated and Twitch has made more rules and has promised not to punish women for "being found to be sexy by others," the waters are still murky, mostly thanks to the company's changing policies and inconsistent enforcement.

Not long after Mushu made her post calling out Twitch's policies, Amouranth was handed a temporary ban from the platform. This latest suspension has caused even more debate among streamers and fans, with reactions ranging from shock to amusement to frustration.


By sharing the punishment she received for a harmless emote containing no actual nudity, Mushu has pointed out that double standards seem to still be an issue when it comes to the platform's top earners, the problem will most likely continue until Twitch makes its rule enforcement more consistent. After all, for every legitimate ban on the platform, it seems there are still plenty of bogus Twitch bans in the books.