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The Real Reason Amouranth Was Banned

Amouranth, one of the most popular and controversial streamers on Twitch, received a temporary ban from Twitch on June 18. Fans were first alerted to the ban by Twitter account StreamerBans, which (as the name would imply) reliably tracks these kinds of infractions. Although Amouranth has faced bans in the past, this specific judgement from Twitch comes after a good amount of controversy. The streamer managed to make it through multiple controversial hot tub streams without a channel ban, but it looks like her more recent ASMR streams may have taken things a bit too far for Twitch to allow.

In May, Twitch made the shocking decision to suspend ad revenue Amouranth's channel. The "hot tub meta" controversy was still in its prime, and Twitch hadn't given any kind of answer as to whether or not streaming in bikinis in hot tubs was permitted under its content guidelines. Shortly after, Twitch reversed the decision and made a specific category for these types of streams.

Shortly after, steamy ASMR streams began exploding in popularity, quickly taking over the hot tub streams. Amouranth was one of the more famous streamers to participate in this new meta, doing "yoga poses" and wearing form-fitting leggings while licking her microphone. It wasn't very long before Twitch hit her with a ban. While it's unclear how long the ban will last, Amouranth has made it clear she's not very happy about it.

Amouranth's response to her ban

On her personal Twitter account, Amouranth laid out her version of the events that unfolded surrounding the ASMR ban. As she pointed out, she's been doing ASMR streams for a while, and so it shouldn't have been a surprise when she decided to focus more on them when they became popular in a new way. She also mentioned that she's watched other ASMR streamers push boundaries with "crazy yoga poses," and that she mistook Twitch's silence for acceptance.

Amouranth also openly admitted that "[her] mistake was obviously pushing it too far." However, while she may be accepting of the idea that some of these streams were a bit much, she has also fought back against arguments against suggestive streams across the board.

Plenty of other streamers have given their opinion on the ASMR issue, including Pokimane, Alinity, and xQC. Some streamers have argued that racier Twitch streams create a harmful precedent, and that fans may start harassing other content creators they dub attractive. Amouranth argued against this point, saying that "people try to gloss over ... systemic issues by blaming causes that have no basis in reality." 

The debate over suggestive Twitch streaming rages on. Fans will simply have to wait and see how Amouranth proceeds with content creation when she returns to Twitch — whenever that may be.