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Amouranth Makes A Cryptic Claim About Dr Disrespect

Controversial streamer Amouranth has had a difficult couple of months. First, she was demonetized by Twitch for her hot tub streams, then she was banned for her ASMR streams. More than once, streamers have reacted to Amouranth's moves, with some pointing out that her streams are representative of a larger issue with labelling and promoting sexually suggestive content on Twitch. Now, Amouranth is back, and she has suggested that she finally knows how Dr Disrespect feels.

Amouranth's latest Twitch ban was only temporary, and she quickly returned to streaming, announcing her return via Twitter along with a sexy selfie. The streamer made a cryptic comment about Dr Disrespect on her personal account, drawing comparisons between their situations. As Twitch fans likely recall, Dr Disrespect was infamously banned from Twitch in 2020. Since then, Dr Disrespect has repeatedly stated that he's not sure why he was banned. 

Amouranth tweeted, "Bizarre day for me. I now think it is totally possible @drdisrespect actually Doesn't know the exact reason for his ban. Previously I shared the sentiment 'no way he doesn't know' but the events of today..." Amouranth then added that her statements weren't "super related" to her own ban, just something she'd been thinking about.

Even though Amouranth promised to discuss her thoughts more when she went live later, she didn't actually bring up Dr Disrespect on stream, leaving fans curious as to what her initial statement meant.

Connections between Dr Disrespect and Amouranth

The Doc and Amouranth might have more similarities than one might think. Some have speculated that Dr Disrespect wasn't suitable for advertisers, much like Amouranth. While the Doc has hinted at his own theories about his ban, he seems to have received little to no communication from Twitch.

Over on Twitter, Amouranth's fans had some thoughts on her connections to Dr Disrespect. One fan said that they suspect Dr Disrespect does know why he was banned, "but he doesn't say it, because it makes people keep talking about the situation." Others said that if the Doc knew why he was banned, he probably would have shared it by now. One commenter simply said that Amouranth knows "how to milk controversy as advertisement." Mostly, Amouranth's fans seemed confused as to what happened to spur her statements.

Amouranth maintains that although she might have gone a bit "too far" in the ASMR meta, her "yoga poses" were standard fare for the meta and not a reason to ban her. She also stated that ASMR streamers would support her argument because she did the "lions [sic] share" of the work to make it a trending meta.