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How Valkyrae's Hospital Trip Forced Her Hand

While the life of a streamer might sound glamorous, it can take a huge toll on the physical and mental health of streamers who maintain long and consistent schedules. Other times, preexisting health problems can cause stop a stream right in its tracks. On June 22, Valkyrae was forced to cancel an upcoming stream because of an "appendicitis scare."


The co-owner of 100 Thieves sent a quick tweet out to let fans know that her streaming schedule was being interrupted for the day due to the unexpected hospital trip. Fans were quick to send well wishes, as were some of her close friends in the streaming community.

Pokimane reassured fans and followers while Valkyrae was still in the hospital: "[Don't worry] guys we will take care of her." Other streamers were quick to offer their support as well, with Hafu and CouRage also sending their love.

Valkyrae later updated fans on the situation through her alt account, saying that she was in the hospital for six hours. The hospital ended running a few tests for ovarian cysts, but overall, she's feeling better. She also mentioned that she'd be heading back to the hospital the following day. Many of Valkyrae's fans showed their support by sharing similar emergency room stories and sending plenty of encouraging words her way.


Valkyrae's stressors

While Valkyrae isn't one that you're going to find streaming 75% of her day away, streaming is still a stressful job in general. In fact, a rumor was going around that she was thinking about quitting streaming because of the craziness that came with being an internet celebrity. Valkyrae cleared up the rumor, saying that her comments were taken out of context, but it doesn't change the fact that streaming still costs more than viewers ever see.


The Gamestop-employee-turned-queen of streaming is also in the process of moving, which is always a stressful time. According to her streaming schedule on Twitter, she had plans to pack up and move out this week. On her YouTube community page, she noted that she was freaking out only two days before she checked into the hospital, explaining that she hadn't found a new place to live, despite her lease ending in a week. That's pretty stressful, but luckily it also meant that her roommates were there to keep an eye on her when she fell ill.

Valkyrae plans to update her viewers as the situation develops.