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Amouranth Almost Quit Streaming

Back from her latest Twitch ban, Amouranth recently granted an interview to Polygon to talk about her experiences with streaming success, harassment, and managing social media. However, the controversial streamer revealed one piece of information fans weren't expecting: Even during the heights of her success, Amouranth actually considered quitting streaming forever.

Amouranth's fellow streamers have discussed her controversial bans before, with some commenting that Twitch should enforce stricter rules or create a better system for classifying content. However, Amouranth said that she deals with that sort of criticism on a daily basis, and would even argue that some of her Twitch bans have been bogus. Amouranth argues that in many ways, putting up with the haters is worth it, and any job would come with similar difficulties.

Amouranth explained to Polygon that all jobs have stressors, and that fielding criticism from fans is just part of being a streamer. Still, she's considered the pros and cons of streaming, questioning whether she should continue or not. 

"I have thought about it — like, is it worth it?" Amouranth said. "I really do think it is because every job has its stresses. Every job has stuff that isn't peachy-keen perfect. Like if you're in retail, you have to deal with annoying Karens all day." For Amouranth, the money she makes from streaming allows her to look past some of the more negative aspects.

What comes after streaming for Amouranth?

That being said, Amouranth doesn't agree with all the negative criticism she receives. ""Do I feel like I deserve [the harassment]? No, I don't think anyone does," She explained. "But I do feel it's worth it to just keep grinding while I'm young and have the energy ... it's just frontloading the work, rather than spreading it throughout my life. And I think that's worth the harassment." In Amouranth's opinion, enduring the negativity now will mean earning enough money to not have to worry about it in the future. She would have financial security  if she decided to pursue another career.

What does a streamer do once they've exhausted their abilities to engage with the public? For Amouranth, the answer might lie in animal rescue, which she argues she's highly qualified to help with. "There's so many animal rescues that don't have enough support or funding because they don't know how to use social media, since most people involved now in rescue are boomers," Amouranth mused. 

Someone with her expertise in social media, customer service, and general knowledge of what consumers online enjoy might make her a perfect fit to advocate for animals, should she choose to do so in the future. Amouranth isn't quitting streaming anytime soon, but critics and fans alike may be pleased to know that her heart lies in helping those least capable of defending themselves.