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Ludwig Makes A Surprising Claim About Amouranth

Ludwig Ahgren, who streamed for basically a month straight earlier this year, was recently in talks with a bidet company to determine if he'd be a good fit to partner with them on sponsored content. The company ultimately turned him down because of content they didn't deem to be "brand safe," leaving Ludwig to question what the company considered so controversial. It turns out that the questionable content involved none other than fellow Twitch streamer Amouranth.

During a recent stream, Ludwig explained that the company didn't want to work with him because some of his content and social media posts seemed inappropriate. The company informed Ludwig that its social team performed an audit and that two pieces in particular stood out. Of course, Ludwig wanted to know what those two items were.

The company executive supposedly responded, "Yeah, we just saw a picture on Twitter of a p*** star?" Ludwig was confused, then he took a look at his own social media. On his Instagram page, Ludwig found a picture he'd taken with Amouranth, the controversial streamer who recently made headlines for her involvement in the hot tub meta on Twitch. 

In the picture on Ludwig's social media, Amouranth is wearing a formal dress with beautiful beading, which was an appropriate look for the celebrity boxing match where the two streamers snapped the pic. It seems as though this brand did not properly research Amouranth's history when making this snap judgement. As Ludwig would go on to explain, this seemed to be a running theme in the conversation.

A deal gone sour

Ludwig didn't blame Amouranth for the deal's dissolution, nor did he say anything negative about her streaming choices. Instead, he expressed complete incredulity that a casual photo between friends, at a very public event, would be deemed inappropriate. The interaction shows that brand safety, a topic that's also come up in connection to controversial streamers like Dr Disrespect, is no joke to Twitch, or to advertisers.

The second piece of questionable content was a picture Ludwig posted as part of a lost bet to streamer DisguisedToast, who he tagged in the picture. The photo featured Ludgwig's back from the waist down, standing in front of a portrait, in his underwear. The picture of Ludwig's tush apparently offended the company's audit team enough to let the deal fall through.

The bidet company also mentioned Ludwig's recent ban from YouTube, which was accidental and was reversed in a matter of hours. "This is zero research effort," Ludwig said of the audit. Ludwig said, "I can't get too mad at them," because as he was on the call, he looked at his most recent tweet. The tweet was advocating for one of the best "Super Smash Bros." players in the world to change his gamer tag to a URL for a lewd website. However, the company didn't mention that particular transgression, and Ludwig said that he ultimately felt like the company focused on the wrong things.