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The Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Cast Is Gorgeous In Real Life

Since its release, fans have mastered every aspect of "Breath of the Wild," performing wild trick shots, and rigging the game to work with different controllers, adding an all-new challenge to the beloved game. Now, gamers have an entirely new "Breath of the Wild" adventure to look forward to. Even though Nintendo won't reveal the true title of "Breath of the Wild 2," that doesn't mean that fans are any less excited for it. To prepare for the new "Breath of the Wild" game, fans might want to take a journey and investigate the cast of the original game. 

When gamers think of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," they likely don't consider the actors behind iconic characters like Zelda or Link. Instead, it's easy to get wrapped up in traveling across the expansive and majestic land of Hyrule. "Breath of the Wild" has a beautiful story, but it also has a cast of gorgeous actors bringing its characters to life.

The voice actors who make up the cast of "Breath of the Wild" have been featured in a variety of anime and television series. They're also a very attractive bunch, brimming with actorly charisma and warmth. While you might not have known it before, the following cast members of "Breath of the Wild" are actually gorgeous in real life.

Elizabeth Maxwell - Urbosa

Elizabeth Maxwell voices the imposing Gerudo champion, Urbosa, as well as Riju, the young queen of the Gerudo people. In real life, Maxwell isn't nearly so intimidating as her tall, warlike counterpart, but she is beautiful and accomplished.

Maxwell has a long list of credits, including regular roles on massively popular animated shows like "Fruits Basket," "RWBY," and "Attack on Titan." In the video game world, Maxwell has appeared in "Genshin Impact," (a game once derided for looking like a "Breath of the Wild" clone), "Astral Chain," and "Fire Emblem Heroes," to name a few.

Maxwell also has a fondness for pets and her fellow humans. She once tweeted, "I literally have never met a dog I didn't immediately love and think was perfect in every way. Doesn't matter the shape, size, breed, color – they are all the goodest of bois and gurls. And I know I'm not the only one. I wish we could all treat people that way too." 

Maxwell's sentiment extends to her activism work. She's spoken out in support of the LGBTQ+ community and strives to be a good person in the face of an ever changing world. One likes to think that Urbosa might feel the same about others, even if she'd likely be a little sterner about showing that affection.

Patricia Summersett - Princess Zelda

Patricia Summersett is beautiful, with angular features and golden hair. She has an actress' charm and a brilliant smile, and she also happens to share many traits with the character she voices in "Breath of the Wild." Summersett is the voice of Princess Zelda in-game, bringing an adventurous edge to the iconic character. 

While Summersett has appeared in a variety of films and television shows, Zelda may be one of her most recognizable roles, and for good reason. "Breath of the Wild" is one of the few "Zelda" titles to include voice acting, meaning that for many players, Summersett is the Princess Zelda. Fans wanted voice acting in "Breath of the Wild," and they got it.

Summersett seems to love being the voice of Zelda. She's posted about the role frequently on her Twitter account, even sporting a "Zelda"-themed Blood Moon t-shirt in a candid selfie. Whether it's repping her princess or interacting with fans, Summersett shows that she loves being part of the "Zelda" franchise.

Summersett is also a musician, and the debut album of Summersett Band is coming out in 2021. While she's made music in the past, this will be Summersett's first full length project on this scale.

Sean Chiplock - Revali and Deku Tree

If you play video games, then chances are good you've heard Sean Chiplock's voice, even if you didn't know it at the time. The prolific voice actor got his start in video games way back in 2003 when he shared his talents in "Maple Story," a game that allows players to engage in the ever-satisfying grind often associated with titles like "Runescape." 

Since then, Chiplock has voiced a variety of familiar characters in both anime and games, including Riehlvelt in "Hunter x Hunter," Dante Mogro in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans," and Eyelashes in "One Punch Man." Additionally, he's voiced both Noob Saibot and Kharon in "Mortal Kombat 11," as well as Ky Kiske in "Guilty Gear Strive." In "Breath of the Wild," he voices the arrogant Revali and the grandfatherly Deku Tree, providing drastically different performances for each.

If his experience in the world of video game voice acting wasn't enough to solidify his cred as a gamer, Chiplock also frequently tweets about the games he's enjoying, providing detailed reviews to his fans. For example, he gave a shoutout to the indie game "Monster Sanctuary" on the Nintendo Switch, calling it one of the most "impressive" games he's played in a while. 

On top of all that, Chiplock is pretty adorable. He advocates for celebrating his fellow voice actors and rejoicing in each others' successes, which isn't always a given in such a competitive industry.

Amelia Gotham - Mipha

Amelia Gotham has worked on a handful of movies and television shows, but she flexes her acting muscles as the adorable champion Mipha in "Breath of the Wild." While Mipha might be cute and gentle, she also packs the powerful gift of healing magic. Gotham herself looks just as charming and beautiful as the character she portrays, and seems kind to boot.

In an interview with "Behind the Legends," Gotham explained that she started acting at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival when she was 16. When she found out that people could actually make money from acting, her fate was sealed. 

Gotham said that when she was pursuing acting jobs in Los Angeles, she felt frustrated with how casting directors wanted to typecast her. "I was always like, the 'pretty girl number two,'" she said, "but with voice acting you can be anybody." Voice acting opened up a world of possibilities for Gotham, and in Mipha she portrayed qualities of beauty and strength. 

Gotham said that voice acting is often unpredictable, and that talent never really knows what they're going to get after they audition. Gotham originally read for the role of Princess Zelda, but ended up being cast as Mipha instead.

Bill Rogers - King Rhoam

Bill Rogers has been a staple of the anime and video game voice acting scene since the 1990s, so it only makes sense that he lend his stern, deep voice to King Rhoam in "Breath of the Wild." As the King of Hyrule, Rogers' character helps introduce Link to the basic mechanics of the game, and urges the hero to save his daughter, the beautiful Princess Zelda.

Rogers is likely more recognizable from his other roles throughout his prolific career. He's voiced Brock and dozens over other characters in "Pokemon" since 1998, and he voiced Meleoron in "Hunter x Hunter." Parents of small children might even be familiar with Rogers' work, as he also voices Jimbo in "Super Wings!," a children's show about anthropomorphic planes.

On Twitter, fans can find Rogers flashing his warm smile and frequently talking about one of his favorite sports, hockey. Rogers also regularly interacts with the rest of the "Breath of the Wild" cast on social media, and celebrates their work as well as his own. In one post, Rogers thanked Patricia Summersett, the voice of Princess Zelda, for making a hand drawn meme of Zelda with King Rhoam. "Because when your little princess makes a drawing for you, it's worth a king's ransom!" he cheered.

Andi Gibson - Impa

Like many of the names on this list, Andi Gibson can be heard in a variety of TV shows, films, and video games. She's typically cast as motherly characters, and she's particularly skilled at giving personality to some of the raspier characters in the gaming world. She does just that in "Breath of the Wild ” as Impa, the kind old Sheikah woman that helps Link uncover the secrets of the Sheikah Slate. A few years after "Breath of the Wild" was released, Gibson reprised her role as Impa, albeit a much younger version of the character, in "Hyrule Warriors." 

Gibson shares her beautiful personality in many short videos posted to Twitter, demonstrating her love of makeup and singing. Gibson also uses her Twitter account to tease and excite "Breath of the Wild" fans about what's to come. She recently asked, "What's the consensus on ['Breath of the Wild 2'] do we think #impa will make an appearance?" 

Even though Gibson may already know the answer to this question, she asked her fans anyway, refusing to provide more context. While she's likely barred by Nintendo from discussing the particulars of Impa's presence (or lack of presence) in "Breath of the Wild 2," her willingness to engage with the game's fanbase shows that she's invested in the game's success and wants gamers to stay engaged with the content.

Joe Hernandez - Yunobo & Daruk

Joe Hernandez may sound familiar to anime fans, thanks to his work in the English dub "Berserk" or as Pesci in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure," but he's also appeared in a variety of video games, like "Gears Tactics" and "The Last of Us 2."

Aside from his many accomplishments, Hernandez seems like the type of person you'd want to hang out with. He frequently talks with fans on Twitter, asking them their opinions on his favorite sport, wrestling, and making jokes about voice acting. Perhaps most importantly, Hernandez is a gamer himself, so he understands the importance video games have in players' lives. He tweeted about his excitement for "Metroid Dread" after it was announced at E3.

In "Breath of the Wild," Hernandez voices Daruk and Yunobo, the two most prominent Goron characters in the game. As Daruk, Hernandez embodies the character's sheer strength, but in his performance as Yunobo, Hernandez manages to capture the insecure, unsure warble of a much younger Goron. Hernandez does well with both characters, sharing his bright smile and warmth with the "Zelda" community.

Thomas Schmuckert - Daruk

Since it has fully-voiced characters and has been released in multiple regions, "Breath of the Wild" naturally has several different language tracks. Understandably, each language has an almost entirely different cast, specially selected to help international players have a complete game experience. The German version of "Breath of the Wild" features a prolific German actor, Thomas Schmuckert, as the Goron champion Daruk.

Schmuckert has a certain appeal that older, more refined actors have, with his curly gray hair and piercing gaze. Unlike most of the cast of "Breath of the Wild," the game seems to be one of Schmuckert's only video game roles. However, he's still done a good bit of voiceover work, dubbing television shows like "Sonic Boom" and "Dragon Ball Z Super" for German audiences. Remarkably, his turn as Daruk is one of Schmuckert's most well-known roles at this point, introducing him to an entirely different demographic than his usual roles attract.

Through Schmuckert's brooding charm, which is conveyed perfectly through his voice, players can certainly see how Daruk is supposed to be handsome and fierce, the perfect example of Goron strength.

Edward Lewis French - Revali

Edward Lewis French certainly looks like he could voice Revali. The actor has appeared in various period pieces, like "Anna Karennina," and has even appeared in Tom Hooper's "Les Miserables" as a dancer at the musical's infamous wedding. According to IMDB, French made some uncredited contributions to the role of Revali in "Breath of the Wild," although French has suggested that the voice lines he recorded may not have made the final version of the game. Whatever the case, French's previous credits have made him an actor to keep an eye on.

French made his stage debut in New York during the 2019 Tony Awards ceremony, which he described as a dream come true. In 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, French frequently spoke out in support of partners that wanted to attend and participate in their children's birth. As a new father himself, French understood the precautions being taken during the pandemic, but felt that every woman should be able to have someone there to support her during one of the most difficult times in her life.

While his participation in "Breath of the Wild" might be a bit of a mystery, French certainly looks the part of handsome, playful champion. His blonde hair and ocean-blue eyes have all the appearances of a star.

Kate Higgins - Purah

In "Breath of the Wild," Purah is an ancient scientist in a child's body, but her maturity doesn't stop her from keeping the sense of wonder most often found in younger Hylians. In many ways, Kate Higgins is also full of wonder. She's voiced a variety of iconic characters, like Sailor Mercury in various incarnations of "Sailor Moon," Sakura in "Naruto," and Barbie in "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse." It's safe to say that Higgins played a huge role in many gamers' childhoods, or at least their favorite series during their childhoods.

Higgins got her start at the age of 10 when she voiced Angelica in the "Lupin the Third" English dub, but she's continued to consistently work in voice acting since then, making an entire career out of using her voice. Higgins often expresses surprise at her achievements, like her inclusion in "Naruto." She celebrated the long-loved series by tweeting a picture of her in a pink wig to mimic her character Sakura and expressing her excitement and disbelief over the franchise's 20th anniversary.

Higgins reprised her role as Purah in "Hyrule Warriors." In "Hyrule Warriors," Purah is young again, lively but somewhat older than she appears in "Breath of the Wild."

James D. Mortellaro - Prince Sidon

James Mortellaro has done extensive work in the sound design industry, serving as a voice director for a multitude of video games, including  "Hitman," "Horizon Zero Dawn," and "Devil May Cry 5." He also worked as the voice over director for "Breath of the Wild," but fans of the game will recognize him as someone completely different. That's right. Mortellaro voices fan-favorite Prince Sidon.

Prince Sidon is Mipha's brother, and he helps Link on his quest to tame the four divine beasts and save Hyrule. The red prince is popular both in the game and outside of it. In "Breath of the Wild," a certain group of Zora follow the Prince's every move, while out of game the character has inspired plenty of fan art.

Mortellaro clearly loves being part of the "Zelda" series, and has posted constests on his social media, giving away merchandise and encouraging fans in the voice of the Prince himself. In "Breath of the Wild," Prince Sidon never gives up and encourages Link to keep fighting, just as Mortellaro does in real life.

Kengo Takanashi

Kengo Takanashi is one of the few actors that provides the voice acting for a single character across all language tracks in "Breath of the Wild." As Link, Takanashi doesn't have much to say, but each grunt and shout provides a way for gamers to better understand the mysterious character. In real life, Takanashi is pretty cute, too.

"Breath of the Wild" deviates from most "Zelda" games, which choose to have Link remain silent for reasons never explicitly revealed in-game. As spotted by Screen Rant, "Breath of the Wild" fully explains why Link remains silent throughout the game. Of course, Link's quiet demeanor doesn't do him any favors in his relationships. He never finds quite the right words to say to Princess Zelda. Even so, Takanashi does a lot with the little he's given.

Takanashi has appeared in a smattering of "Final Fantasy" video games, and also voiced Nelson in "King of Fighters 14." However, fans of Japanese pop culture might know him best from his work in the long-running "Kamen Rider" franchise. Takanashi's IMDB shows that he will reprise the role of Link in "Breath of the Wild 2," just as he did for "Hyrule Warriors" and its sequel.