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The Real Reason xQc Thought He Was Going To Die

xQc is known for being unpredictable. He's seen his fair share of shady moments and has been banned too many times to count. Still, the streamer has a dedicated audience and holds an amount of influence in the streaming space. Following some seemingly contradictory comments regarding gambling streams and references to moving back to Canada, some viewers have speculated that xQc wanted to move in order to scoot around laws related to said streams. While Canada does have looser laws concerning gambling, xQc revealed that's not the reason he wanted to move back north. 


Instead, xQc sat down during a "Just Chatting" stream to tell his viewers the real reason for his recent moving plans. He revealed that multiple people had swatted his house, sending the police to his home in a series of harrowing encounters.

"The main reason why I wanted to move back to Canada in the first place ... we were getting raided by the police station at rates that made absolutely no f***ing sense," xQc explained. "Almost every day, the police came to our house with a full squad because of f***ing idiots, and I was genuinely scared I was going to die." 

Unfortunately, swatting is nothing new in the Twitch community, but it puts streamers in danger nonetheless. Many see swatting (calling the police on false claims against streamers or other gamers) as a fun prank, but it often has serious consequences.


Gambling wasn't completely uninvolved

xQc said that he had a system in place to stream while he was getting raided by police. He explained that if he turned to the left and mentioned food, he was likely talking to police officers standing just offscreen. He did, however, note that the police were always "very professional and very smart," offering to give him a heads up before coming to his home. xQc said he hadn't mentioned the incidents sooner because he didn't want to "reward" the people who made the call in the first place by giving them what they wanted.


Though xQc did admit that he felt "slightly, if not moderately" addicted to gambling, he said that the real reason for his move was the danger posed by constant swatting. He ultimately did apologize for exposing his viewers to the highs and lows of gambling, though. 

Though xQc was unharmed by the multiple swatting calls to his home, his situation brings attention back to the complicated social lives of streamers, reminding viewers that there's always more going on behind the scenes than some creators may want to share.