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The Chaotic Way xQc Is Handling His GTA Future

Felix Lengyel, better known by his Twitch handle xQc, is notorious for receiving a number of suspensions and bans over the course of his career, especially when it comes to the "Grand Theft Auto 5" roleplaying server hosted by NoPixel. After he was ejected in April, he quickly returned, though he was on thin ice. From there, he found a way to get kicked off once again, much to the chagrin of his friend Sykkuno. Of course, that wouldn't be the last time he faced disciplinary action from the server. Recently, xQc was thrown out yet again, and while he may be fine with his latest (and perhaps final) ban, he still has his eye on the future of "GTA" roleplaying.


In a surprise move, xQc announced during one of his streams that there will soon  be "a second NoPixel server." As reported by Julian Young of Dexerto, this new server will be formed with the permission of Koil, who founded the original server.

This spinoff server will be a haven for players like xQc who want to enjoy "GTA" RP with slightly less stringent rules. It will also open the door for more chaos by incentivizing criminal behavior in the game. Not only will fines be issued less frequently, but players will actually earn higher payouts for their crimes.

A triumphant return?

Are fans excited to see xQc return to his "Grand Theft Auto 5" roleplaying streams? When an xQc fan account shared the news, it was received with significantly less enthusiasm than xQc himself may have expected. One user expressed that "people are getting bored." Another said, "we just get bored of the constant 12 hour rp streams when he claims he is a variety streamer." 


Not everyone is tired of his "GTA" streams, however. In xQc's defense, a user wrote, "I love variety but if rp makes him happy then I'm fine with it." Another fan argued that xQc's recent "GTA" content has been some of his most interesting. It appears as though the streamer's fanbase is fairly split on the matter.

Many of his fans also predict that the new server will take over the original NoPixel server in popularity as other popular streamers follow his lead. Not only is xQc reshaping his future with "Grand Theft Auto 5" roleplaying, but he could wind up reshaping the overall future of this mode of play. Fans will have to wait and see how everything plays out.