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The Only Thing Better Than A Headshot Is A Breadshot

Torn Banner Studios' "Chivalry 2" invites players to participate in a medieval multiplayer free-for-all. Instead of pitting them against each other with guns or superpowers, the game arms them with medieval weapons like swords — as well as some more unconventional options. As YouTube channel H2ODelirious has excitedly pointed out, "Chivalry 2" enables players to use amusing, gimmicky weapons like chickens, severed heads, and even bread.


Yes, breadReddit user Jackattack1291 recently shared a clip of two impressive headshots using a simple loaf of bread. In the clip, they snatch the loaf from a table and bash it into the head of one armored soldier. After retrieving the bread from the ground, they then pitch the loaf at another enemy for a long-range kill. The morning star in their hand was a mere accomplice to this incredible move.

Fellow Redditors reacted to the legendary kill with plenty of bread puns, including "breadshot," "combo-baker," and "breadality" among others. Some even praised Jackattack1291 as a kind of "Doughvahkiin" (much like a certain "Skyrim" protagonist).

Incredibly, these deadly loaves seem to function similarly to throwing knives in other games, which can insta-kill enemies. Players can also earn an achievement called "Baker's Dozen" for killing 13 enemies with bread, meaning this is something that the game definitely wants you to try.


Chivalry 2 has so many possibilities for bread-based battle

In "Chivalry 2," bread come in different shapes and sizes, with some that look similar to ciabatta loaves and others that appear more like criss-crossed rolls. However, the kind of bread doesn't change its effectiveness.


For those who want to throw their own dough, players suggest searching dining areas. Alternatively, soldiers can recover health from eating the bread instead of weaponizing it. Yes, the edible piece of bread is somehow also lethal when used externally.

In just a month, "Chivalry 2" has established a reputation for chaotic fun. It's the sequel to "Chivalry: Medieval Warfare," which received generally favorable reviews though critics wished for more variety in classes and environments. At the very least, "Chivalry 2" doesn't seem to garner many complaints about weapon variety.

One Redditor wrote that, while they don't find themselves to be that skilled at the game, it doesn't take away from its overall entertainment. "This game is so stupidly fun," they wrote. "Earlier on I threw my last throwing axe at an enemy in the distance and scored a headshot kill. I ran over to pick it up, accidentally picked up the head with the axe in it, threw that at another dude and killed him."


"Chivalry 2" is now available for PC (only on Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. According to The Loadout, crossplay isn't fully enabled across platforms, but the developers seem to be working on it.