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Alinity Weighs In On Indiefoxx's Repeated Bans

The conversation about sexually suggestive content on Twitch continues. As the hot tub meta became a thing of Twitch past, the ASMR meta took its place, allowing streamers to earn massive amounts of subscriptions through steamy whispers and titillating "yoga poses." Amouranth and Indiefoxx often find themselves at the center of the debates about this kind of content on Twitch, as both streamers have been banned many times over the past few months. Fellow streamer Alinity has weighed in on the duo's bans before, and she's continued to be part of the conversation surrounding Twitch and its terms of service.

On June 29, Alinity spoke out about Indiefoxx's latest ban, her sixth of 2021, taking to Twitter to voice her concern about Twitch's relative silence on the matter. "So is Twitch gonna do something about repeat offenders?" Alinity asked. "Or is it fair game for everyone to start stretching the [terms of service] as thin as they can?" 

Alinity amended her statement in a follow up tweet, saying, "I've been benefited by this blurred line before. I then thought it was messed up and I still do. We need consistency and equal treatment. What's the point of the TOS then?" Alinity admitted that she has sometimes broken Twitch's terms of service as well, or at least danced on the line between what is and is not allowed, but that doesn't mean she agrees with the recent wave of temporary suspensions that appear to have zero consequences.

Alinity calls for "fair treatment"

One commenter pointed out that Twitch seems hesitant to permanently ban streamers that make a good amount of money, including streamers that create content that violates its terms of service. Alinity explained that she didn't care if the system benefited her or not, but that she wants "fair treatment for everyone." 

Another commenter quickly noted that Alinity herself should have been banned, saying, "you should have been perm banned a long time ago along with probably many other people ... you have done things way too bad to not be a perm ban and just gotten away with it." If Alinity truly wants equal content enforcements for everyone on Twitch, it could have repercussions for her as well — and she seems to be fully on board with that.

Alinity does not seem opposed to creating adult content itself, as she proudly advertises her OnlyFans account on her Twitter feed. However, Alinity has argued that adult content should be kept in a more specifically designated place, not for everyone to experience on Twitch.