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Things Keep Getting Worse For Indiefoxx

Twitch has a complicated relationship with bans. It's been accused of unjustly banning some streamers in the past, while some of the platforms bans have suggested that Twitch may be inconsistent in the way it enforces the rules. For Amouranth and Indiefoxx, two streamers that have been banned for sexually suggestive content in both the hot tub and ASMR metas, staying active on Twitch has proved exceptionally difficult. Indiefoxx specifically had a tweet come back to haunt her after a recent ban, leading her fans to question how she's changed her content over time. Now, things have gotten even worse for the streamer: she's been banned again.

As pointed out by Dexerto, Indiefoxx's latest ban is her sixth of 2021. Despite this fact, Indiefoxx's suggestive content seems to work on Twitch audiences. Her subscription numbers soared to somewhere around the two million point, making her one of the most popular streamers out there. It seems like there's no such thing as bad press. Bans and the resulting attention that come from them seem to only make IndieFoxx's viewership more interested in what she does next.

However, it's hard to dismiss such a large number of bans. Many Twitch streamers eventually earn permanent bans after continuously breaking the Twitch terms and conditions. With this in mind, it seemed as though Indiefoxx turned a new leaf after one of her most recent bans.

An uncertain future

When Indiefoxx returned to Twitch on June 23, she announced her stream with the caption "REFORMED E GIRL RATED G." However, anyone who was expecting a more wholesome stream than usual quickly learned that this was not to the case. It's unclear what caused the streamer's latest suspension, but it seems like some of her followers are getting tired of seeing this happen over and over again.

Several fans have expressed the feeling that Indiefoxx's "reformed" stream didn't age well, as she was banned not too long after the supposed comeback. As one commenter pointed out, "She was banned again within 5 days of this tweet. She was last banned ONE. WEEK. AGO."

It's unclear when or if Indiefoxx will return, but her ban record doesn't sit well with some Twitch users, as well as other content creators. Twitch's unequal treatment of some creators has spurred conversations about the platform's rules and what constitutes appropriate behavior in the age of hot tub streams. As streamers responded to recent Twitch bans, Pokimane commented that Twitch should better determine how to label sexually suggestive content.