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Fans React To Dr Disrespect Getting Rejected On Live TV

Regular basketball fans may be too timid to reach out and lend a pro player a hand on the court, but when you're a celebrity in your own right, such a divide might not seem all that apparent. On Twitter, a user shared a clip from a recent basketball game aired on ESPN in which the Los Angeles Clippers took on the Phoenix Suns. As Cam Johnson was down on the court, a mysterious hand entered the frame to help him back up on his feet. Johnson accepted the friendly gesture, though a security guard intervened. While the clip is brief and the head belonging to that hand barely pokes into frame, a close look reveals the signature mullet and sunglasses of Dr Disrespect. Naturally, this Twitter user had the eagle eye to identify the popular "Warzone" streamer.


Was this a brazen move on his part, or is it a candid moment that proves Dr  Disrespect is still human? Whether or not he felt like his status as a celebrity streamer gave him the authority to reach out and help the fallen basketball star, it was a courteous gesture. Unfortunately for the Doc, that gesture was denied by security. One cannot hold it against someone for doing their job, though you may be curious to know how his fans are reacting to him getting rejected live on TV.

Respect for Dr DisRespect

While one user questioned how Dr DisRespect wasn't ejected for trying to help, the majority of commenters seemed to take a more humorous approach to the situation. One user jested, "Security's getting in the way of Cam Johnson joining the Champions Club. Wtf." Another wrote, "my guy doc desperate for attention." One other person commented on his boldness, stating, "Doc so smoothly walking up and injecting himself into that situation lol."


Before he was famous, Dr DisRespect was a basketball player himself, hitting the court during his years as a student at California State Polytechnic University. Perhaps it wasn't just that he felt like his status allowed him to reach out for Johnson's hand; maybe his old basketball instincts kicked in, and he wanted to help out a fellow athlete.

Either way, this wasn't the Doc's first celebrity encounter by any means. He once got to experience firsthand that Deadmau5 has some serious gaming skills after facing the famed musician in "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds."

Dr DisRespect may have been denied by security, but it seems as though his fans haven't lost any respect for him.