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Indiefoxx's Latest Ban Had Tremendous Consequences

As if things couldn't get worse for controversial streamer Indiefoxx, it looks like Twitch is putting its foot down. Twitter account StreamerBans confirmed on June 30 that Indiefoxx is no longer a Twitch partner. While Twitch has been accused of shady tactics in the past, this decision has come after the platform repeatedly punished the streamer for participating in risque content on her channel. In fact, Dexerto has reported that the streamer was banned six times in the past six months alone.


The streamer, who gained 1.2 million new followers in June alone, is best known these days for her ASMR and hot tub streams, two of the most controversial streaming categories on Twitch right now. She gained so much popularity that fake accounts started pretending to be her to get donations. 

Despite making a return to the platform and insisting that he was "reformed" in recent weeks, Indiefoxx continued to make suggestive content. It wasn't long before Twitch stepped in and revoked her partnership status.

What this could mean for Indiefoxx and fans

As Dexerto explained, not being a partner with Twitch means that Indiefoxx can no longer monetize her channel. Donations are now the only way she can earn any money from streaming. This will definitely be a blow to her income, and it may force her to start streaming elsewhere.


As of now, the streamer uploads regularly to YouTube, but it's not clear whether fans will start flocking to her YouTube account if she decides to stream there, where she only has a fraction of the followers seen on her Twitch account.

Indiefoxx hasn't made a comment about what her next steps are. For now, it seems as though she may prefer to just lie low until she figures out where she can stream the content she wants to make and keep the majority of her fans. Only time will tell what the future holds for Indiefoxx.