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Why Fans Are So Underwhelmed With The New Nintendo Switch Console

Nintendo Switch Pro rumors began circulating ages ago, with fans hearing stories of a Switch model with overhauled graphics and numerous other improvements. At this point, though, the reality a Switch Pro release is anyone's guess. Fans had speculated that the Switch Pro would be announced early, but no news emerged. E3 came and went, and gamaers were still left in the dark on the possibility of a new edition of the Switch. On July 6, Nintendo finally made an announcement regarding a new, updated Switch. Unfortunately, it wasn't not the announcement fans wanted. 


Nintendo tweeted that it will release the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) on October 8, 2021. The OLED model will have a new, brighter 7 inch screen, improved speakers, an adjustable dock, and 64 GB of internal storage. It will also have an option for LAN connections, so owners can relive their LAN party days and game like it's 2005. The new OLED edition of the Nintendo Switch comes with a set of snazzy white Joy-Cons and will cost gamers $350, which is roughly $50 more than the current Switch model.

New, but not that new

Never able to mince words, the denizens of the internet responded in full force. It turns out that Nintendo fans wanted a Switch Pro, not a slightly updated version of what they already have. One commenter felt that Nintendo was doing the "bare minimum" by including a LAN connection on its new device. Another gamer pointed out that Nintendo didn't actually fix any of the issues players had with the original Switch. With 1 in 3 Switch owners yearning for 4K resolution, it seems odd that Nintendo didn't choose to update the graphics card in the OLED model.


One fan had a completely different take on the announcement, saying that they were "SO glad it's not any more powerful than the base Switch. I DON'T wanna be gatekeeped out of software because of hardware I can't afford." They said that it would be sad to not be able to play "Breath of the Wild 2" because "picky" fans wanted better graphics, which would theoretically force the game to a new console.

Game developer Ubisoft commented on the Twitter update with a heart emoji, prompting one gamer to ask, "Ubisoft please explain to me wtf you love about this? This is literally a stupid announcement with stupid upgrades." Unsurprisingly, Ubisoft did not reply.

Overall, fans seemed disappointed in the announcement. It's unclear if this announcement will squash fans' hopes for a Switch Pro — or make the demand stronger than ever.