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The One Thing Final Fantasy Fans Can't Stand About The New Remasters

The new "Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection" has been controversial since its announcement during E3 2021. As noted by Inverse, fans have wondered why the collection is only being released on mobile and PC, with Square Enix seemingly ignoring modern consoles altogether. Now that some images of the first three titles in the collection have been uploaded to Steam, fans have found another reason to dislike the updated games. The game's particular font style was shared widely on Twitter by industry insider Nibel, and people were quick to express their displeasure with it.


As noted by IGN, the font is a problem for a number of issues. First of all, it's a rather modern-looking font, something that would not be found in an old school pixel art game. The remasters still go for a pixelated art style reminiscent of the originals, just polished up. Since the art style and the font don't stylistically match, the modern text in the game just looks funky. 

The other issue with the font is that, in the screenshots at least, it is very tiny. While it currently isn't known if there is an option to change the font size, the small typeface could present an accessibility issue for many gamers, especially on the mobile versions.

The outrage over tiny font

As with any Twitter outrage, plenty of people offered their hot takes and dunks on the situation. Chris Kohler of Digital Eclipse sarcastically tweeted, "I really don't see the problem," using a font that is just as cursed as the one used in the new collection. A 2018 tweet from game dev and journalist Tim Rogers offering to buy Square Enix a better font has also recently resurfaced, since it applies perfectly to the situation.


The replies to Nibel's original Tweet were filled with people mocking the new font, in addition to some of the other changes made. Wario64 also got in on the fun, tweeting, "I love that font, it gives me chaos," referencing the meme-able trailer for Square Enix's upcoming "Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin."

"Final Fantasy I-III" are releasing on Steam and mobile on July 28, with "Final Fantasy IV-VI" marked as coming soon on Steam. The games can be purchased individually or in a bundle. It remains to be seen if a tiny font will truly ruin these games, but it's clear that even the most hardcore "Final Fantasy" fans aren't thrilled.