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How Fortnite May Be Influencing GTA 6

It's that time again: more "Grand Theft Auto 6" rumors have appeared. Fans have known for a while now that "GTA 6" will take a long time to come out, and Rockstar has been teasing fans seemingly every other week. However, unlike previous "leaks" that have seemingly come out of nowhere, there are now multiple industry insiders claiming that one of the new features coming to "GTA 6" is pretty reminiscent of none other than "Fortnite."


If you're not super familiar with "Fortnite" and its ever-changing map, then it's worth noting that the lore and theme of the game is tied more closely to the actual map than any of its characters. As seasons change and the gameplay gets overhauled, the actual terrain often gets transformed to reflect those differences.

Gaming insider Tom Henderson posted a video on YouTube on June 27, 2021, in which he detailed several of the things he's heard about "GTA 6." This included the idea that "GTA 6" will feature a map that evolves over time, similar to "Fortnite." He's not the only one to make this claim, either; Bloomberg's Jason Schreier said that he's heard the same thing, which makes the accuracy of this news seem even more likely.


How an evolving map could work in Grand Theft Auto 6

Map updates are a fairly regular occurrence in games that are bolstered by DLC or battle pass content. However, the rollout of this content could be markedly different when it is applied to "Grand Theft Auto 6."


While Henderson pointed out that he doesn't know if the DLC will come in the form of a battle pass or separate additions to the game, he seems to be certain of one thing: the map will change even if you don't have access to the DLC. Essentially, rumor has it that the map will change for all players as DLC is introduced to the game.

That doesn't mean everyone will get all of the content that comes with the DLC, such as new missions or characters. These elements could still be locked away behind a paywall, even as players are able to traverse the new terrain. Either way, this concept puts an interesting twist on what DLC could look like for "GTA 6" and other games in the future. 

The other rumors that could be true

Henderson had plenty to discuss in his video. While the idea of an evolving map is probably the most groundbreaking rumor, he also touched on some other things that fans have been whispering about for a while.


Henderson has previously indicated that "GTA 6" would have multiple protagonists and that one of those would be a female character. Now, he's expanded on that idea and mentioned that she's some sort of tech guru, likening her to a hacker.

Fans who thought the game might take place in the 80s are probably surprised to hear that "GTA 6" might include a hacker as a character — which leads to one of Henderson's other claims. According to Henderson, the game will be set in modern day. This seems to make sense, as Henderson pointed out that a modern setting gives developers a lot to work with in DLC packages as well as "GTA Online."

One important thing to remember when talking about any rumors or "leaks" is that anything can change during development. Considering Rockstar hasn't outright confirmed anything about "Grand Theft Auto 6" content, any of this could actually be true, only to change tomorrow.