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The Real Reason Adin Ross Got Banned On Twitch

Adin Ross might be banned for good this time. The streamer recently took to Twitter to break the news to fans, saying, "Just got banned in twitch. I think it's a perm guys ... this is not good AT ALL." Ross explained that during a recent IRL stream, he paused at a red light to check on the chat. Twitch community guidelines prohibit any kind of illegal activity, including using one's phone while driving.


Ross seemed genuinely distraught by his ban, tweeting, "I am 100% in the wrong. I'm so sorry. [I don't know] when I'm gonna be back tho ... I'm shaking [right now]. I'm so sorry I feel horrible." Commenters didn't respond well to the news, and some agreed that it was time for Twitch to boot Ross from its platform.

One commenter said Ross' permaban was "deserved," while another speculated that the ban might not be permanent after all. Since Ross is still listed as a Twitch Partner, it seems like this could just be a temporary suspension. One commenter speculated that Ross could just be looking for attention, writing that the streamer was "farming the thought of being perma'd to get loads of viewers on his stream once unbanned." In other words, this commenter theorized that if Ross shows contrition and behaves as if he's been banned forever now, fans might take sympathy and support him more fervently once he inevitably returns to Twitch.


Caught in the act

Most interestingly, Ross' claim that he was at a red light when looking at his phone doesn't quite line up with what is seen in the offending video. A clip Dexerto shared of the stream shows Ross constantly glancing down at his phone while the car is actively moving along the road. One viewer helpfully pointed out that Ross' friends could have read the chat while they travelled, but Ross insisted on doing it himself.


Doing dangerous things gets viewers' attention, and there's a history of streamers putting themselves in harm's way in order to get those sweet, sweet subs. However, Twitch has proven that it's not afraid to step in when people push things too far. While Twitch has been called out for double standards in the past, the platform appears to have drawn a hard line in this instance.

Ross later lamented the response from fans, tweeting, "A lot of people hate me and I'm sorry u feel that way, I'm not a bad person I love everyone and I hope one day the [people] who don't like me can all see that." Fans will have to wait a little while to see if Ross will return to Twitch.