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This Series S Attachment Has The Internet's Full Attention

Move over, Nintendo; there is a new mobile game console on the market, and it has hundreds of games available as part of a monthly subscription. That's right: the Xbox Series S can be turned into a "portable" console (as long as you have a power outlet or some kind of serious battery pack nearby) with the help of an upcoming third-party attachment called xScreen. 

Created by UPspec Gaming, the xScreen — which has been successfully funded on Kickstarter — attaches a foldable screen to the console itself. This makes it so that the console can be taken anywhere and you already have a screen ready to go.

The Xbox Series S is Microsoft's smaller and all-digital new console, but one of its lesser-promoted features is its small size. Both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are large consoles and weigh roughly 10 pounds each. The Series S is much smaller and easier to take with you, making it perfect for the portable attachment. The attachment can currently be purchased through the Kickstarter for about $200 USD, a discount from the planned retail price of $250 USD.

More on the xScreen

The xScreen attaches to the back of the Xbox Series X and plugs directly into the console's HDMI port, so there is no need to lug around an extra cord. While the need to plug in the console itself does limit the places you can take the console, being able to set up anywhere with a power outlet is more convenient than needing to lug a TV somewhere.

The 11.6" screen offers 1080p resolution and 60Hz screen with speakers, which means the full power of the Xbox Series S is utilized. The attachment also has full volume and screen brightness controls, allowing for easy adjustments wherever you are. While the xScreen setup doesn't let you go fully mobile like the Nintendo Switch, it's about as mobile of a next-gen experience as you can get right now. The xScreen attachment will be shipped in early 2022, so you can start planning your LAN parties now.

The xScreen is just the latest mobile gaming project to be funded by fans. A Chinese company recently got a handheld PC (that looks a lot like the Nintendo Switch) funded on Indiegogo, but it costs significantly more than an Xbox Series S and an xScreen. Even so, this latest campaign proves that mobile options will always be a priority for gaming fans.