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Bloober Team Just Killed Fans' Hopes And Dreams

To say that survival horror fans want a new "Silent Hill" sequel would be the understatement of the millennium. Ever since the cancellation of "Silent Hills," Hideo Kojima's ill-fated — and secret-filled — reboot of the series, gamers have been itching to jump back onto the foggy streets of the game's titular town and scare themselves silly once more. For a brief moment, rumors seems to suggest that Bloober Team — the developer behind the successful psychological horror title "The Medium" — might be working on a sequel to the currently abandoned IP. Sadly, recent comments from Bloober Team CMO Tomasz Gawlikowski have seemingly dashed fans' hopes and dreams for a new "Silent Hill" entry.


The rumor mill nearly burst when Konami announced a new partnership with horror maestros Bloober Team in June (via IGN). This, compounded with the discovery of three codenamed games being worked on by the Polish developer — "H2O," "Dum Spiro," and "Black" — had some fans more or less convinced that something was in the works. 

In a statement made to IGN, however, Gawlikowski admitted that Bloober Team was not, in fact, working on a "Silent Hill" game. Still, horror fans may have a lot to look forward to in the coming years if his other remarks hold true.

Fans still think Abandoned is Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills

Despite the absence of "Silent Hill" news in Gawlikowski's statement, the CMO did reveal that two games were in some form of development, with one in production and the second in pre-production — and one likely being the game being made in partnership with Konami.


Gawkilowski also promised that both of Bloober Team's upcoming games would be "bigger in scope than 'The Medium.'" While this is exciting news, it's definitely not what "Silent Hill" fans were hoping to hear.

Because the internet is the internet — where speculation is aplenty — Bloober Team isn't the only developer rumored to be working on a "Silent Hill" game. Some fans of the survival-horror franchise are convinced that a game titled "Abandoned" is actually Hideo Kojima's "Silent Hill" reboot, "Silent Hills." The theories surrounding "Abandoned" primarily center around a few key coincidences tying "Abandoned" and its mysterious developer — Blue Box Game Studio — to Hideo Kojima, "Silent Hills," and the now-unplayable "P.T."


The game's announcement trailer not only gave off serious "Silent Hill" vibes — with a creepy forest and allusions to the occult — but it also featured a brief clip of the letters "P" and "T" obscured by tree branches. And that's only the tip of the iceberg. The "Abandoned"/"Silent Hills" rabbit hole runs deep, with cryptic tweets from both Kojima and Blue Box only adding fuel to the fire. Hopefully, fans will learn the truth when the PS5's dedicated reveal app for "Abandoned," which has been delayed from its initial June release to August, finally drops.