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What Really Happens When You Put A Tornado Into The Next Battlefield

Showcased at E3 2021, "Battlefield 2042" captured the attention of gamers with its near future setting, large-scale conflicts, and ever-shifting world. Eschewing a narrative campaign and battle royale option, the teams at EA and DICE have doubled down on multiplayer with new modes and updated takes on old favorites like Conquest and Breakthrough. Massive maps and support for up to 128 players on PC and next-gen consoles, along with an array of equipment and the fresh Specialist system promise to ratchet up the intensity and further distinguish the latest "Battlefield" entry from its predecessors

As part of the shift in focus, DICE has positioned dynamic weather and enhanced destructibility as key selling points for "Battlefield 2042," with the addition of a tornado taking center stage. "All the cutting edge technology is in there, and then we're just upping the ante on the dynamic world as well, by introducing this big, disruptive physics entity that just moves around the map," lead designer Daniel Berlin told GamesRadar+.

Beyond player control and difficult to predict, tornadoes have been touted as a great way to change up gameplay and highlight the next-gen environment design in "Battlefield 2042." However, a recent comment from an industry insider indicated there might be a disconnect between developer intentions and reality for this particular feature.

Tornadoes in Battlefield 2042: gimmick or game changer?

According to a tweet from leaker Tom Henderson, the initial response to the "Battlefield 2042" tornado has proven less than enthusiastic. Henderson summarized the alleged feedback, stating, "they are fun and cool to see for the first few times, but they become very repetitive and ruin the classic BF experience and flow of the map."

The supposed leak sparked a debate among commenters, who pointed out the potential pros and cons of disruptive weather events. Based on the responses, some "Battlefield" fans see tornadoes as an essential addition to the franchise, forcing players to adapt their playstyles and balancing out powerful features like planes. Others compared tornadoes to the sandstorms and fog seen in previous entries, blasting the effects as map ruining gimmicks.

Despite the fact that "Battlefield 2042" won't release until October 22, DICE's decision to debut tornadoes in the entry has already proven divisive. This division seems to stem, at least in part, from a disagreement on what the "classic BF experience" even is. "'Ruin the flow of the map' sounds like 'I can't play this casual game competitivly' or 'camp in my favourite spot' to me," quipped one individual.

As Henderson did not specify the source of the alleged criticism, other players were hesitant to take a side or pass judgement. Will the "Battlefield 2042" tornadoes prove to be refreshing game balancers or unwelcome distractions? The jury's still out.