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The Weird Reason BrookeAB Is Being Accused Of Lying

BrookeAB, a popular variety streamer for 100 Thieves, has many hobbies outside of gaming. One of these interests includes books, which she recently mentioned on social media. She apparently likes reading so much that she vowed to read 50 books before the end of the year. However, that number now seems like a low bar, considering her claim that she already reached 30 books — a claim that some of her followers have disputed.


"I set a goal for myself to read 50 books this year. I've read 30 this month," she tweeted, punctuating her sentence with smiley face sweatdrop emojis.

This seemingly innocent life update quickly devolved into discourse on misogyny and similarly ugly topics. Critics swooped in to express their doubt and accuse her of conflating the numbers. Some claimed that it was "impossible" to finish that many books in 11 days (as she posted the tweet on July 11), while others speculated that the books must be offensively easy reads, like children's picture books or other books with a small page count.

One Twitter user even crunched some numbers to back up their doubts. "You've read 30 books this month and it's the 11th day of the month. That means you would be reading 2.73 books per day. If you get 8 hours of sleep a night that leaves 16 hours everyday of straight reading. Which means you finish a book every 5.8 hours," the user tweeted. "I smell [crap]."


BrookeAB's response to the haters

Others defended Brooke, saying that it made sense for her to exceed her goal if she was a fast reader. Others didn't understand why this was controversial, with one person asking, "Why does it matter to you anyway?"


BrookeAB took the commotion in stride and didn't seem to let the insulting comments bother her. "Some of you are weird. Why would I lie about the amount of books I've read," she tweeted, seeming to laugh it off. She later clarified that she meant "this month," as in the last full 30 days and not only the first 11 days of July. Of course, this didn't seem to extinguish the discourse.

Of course, that meant that BrookeAB's defenders were still looking out for her. "Men are so quick to downplay, dismiss, or deny a woman's achievements that none of them actually stopped to consider that 'this month' might just have meant the past 30 days, which anyone with common sense and more than half a functioning brain cell could've figured out," one Twitter user commented.


BrookeAB last commented on the subject with a promise to update her Goodreads account when she returned home later that night. However, she said she wouldn't list all of the 30 books because she would "die of shame." It's unclear what that means, though many commented that her Goodreads history showed her reading the young adult fantasy series, "A Court of Thorns and Roses." It's possible that the 30 books include other guilty pleasures that she doesn't feel like sharing.