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This Ninja Clone Took Things To The Next Level

Ninja is one of the most prominent streamers on the internet, gained millions of fans over the course of his career. While some people are ready to fight him, others are so enamored with him that they're impersonating the star. One fan took things to the next level completely, posting a TikTok of Ninja's face apparently being tattooed on his neck.

@Dreamersjoinus, the TikTok account for the band Dreamers, posted a video of frontman Nick Wold supposedly getting a tattoo of his "hero," Ninja. This isn't the first time Wold has made his love for Ninja very clear. In the past, the singer and guitarist has posted videos in which he has copied Ninja's outfit, hair, and mannerisms to a T. Wold might as well be a clone of the Twitch superstar.

Dreamers also posted a gif of the tattoo video on Twitter, which is where Ninja caught a glimpse of it. He retweeted it, saying "no way this is real ... wait till the end."

The end result of the tattoo, which Ninja references, is Ninja's face stuck in a hilarious smile. On top of it all, Wold is once again dressed like Ninja in the clip. While there's a decent chance that the tattoo could be real, it looks like most of Ninja's fans on Twitter are agreeing with him on this one.

A fake tattoo?

Ninja's fans pretty much agreed with him, even sharing memes of other people with "tattoos" of faces for comparison. While some people found the idea comedicone fan straight up asked, "why would you do that."

It's hard to definitely say whether or not the tattoo is fake, but the video seems to depict Nick Wold entering a real tattoo shop and getting professional body art done. In Dreamers' next TikTok, the tattoo makes another appearance, which makes it harder to decide whether or not this is an elaborate hoax.

Nick Wold has been impersonating Ninja in the general public for awhile now, posting back to back TikTok videos in which he pretends to be the streamer. In one video, Wold went through an elaborate ruse to trick an artist into thinking he's Ninja. He even went as far as to pay off his friends to act like excited fans. While Wold and Ninja don't look totally alike, the similar hair color combined with a headband seems to be enough to trick people into getting them confused. He's even gotten into a celebrity basketball game by tricking people. Only time will tell if Wold's latest stunt is a prank or the real deal.