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Every Streamer Who Thinks They Can Take Ninja In A Fight

Sometimes, badmouthing Ninja isn't enough. Some people specifically want to fight him — or at least they think they have what it takes to throw down with the celebrity streamer.

Unlike famously ripped internet personalities, Ninja isn't known for being particularly built. However, he does attract a lot of attention for his fame. An actual fistfight might seem farfetched, but it's not impossible. After all, Logan Paul did fight a pay-per-view boxing match with KSI.


Ninja doesn't seem serious about coming to blows with his fellow streamers, though he has caused a fair amount of controversy in his career. Nowadays, Ninja even seems to try to be a paragon of positivity in the communities he influences. Many of the challenges seem to be in jest. However, some of the challenges do seem to have undertones of unresolved drama. These streamers are on the record for saying they are ready to fight Ninja.


Tfue versus Ninja is one of the biggest rivalries in "Fortnite" history. The friction in their ideologies, with Tfue bashing on Fortnite and Ninja defending it, seemed to fuel the rivalry early on though neither of them directly insulted the other. However, once a hacker took over Ninja's Twitter account and asked for a fight, Tfue was all for it.


Many onlookers — including Jessica Blevins, Ninja's wife and manager — told Tfue that the tweet wasn't a genuine challenge. That didn't stop him from pushing for an actual fight. Tfue uploaded a video about the situation titled "NINJA CHALLENGES ME TO BOXING MATCH," where he listed all the receipts he had on the "Fortnite" icon and said he would be willing to go hand-to-hand with him. "I just want to get in the ring with this fool and literally end it," he said in the video. 

However, Ninja didn't want to fight. He wasn't thrilled with Tfue milking the incident for content, either. The two of them haven't heavily interacted on social media since. Though Ninja and Tfue have moved on from "Fortnite," they don't seem to plan on reconciling any time soon.



Hamlinz, a Team SoloMid streamer, rose to fame with "Fortnite" — just like Ninja. The two streamed together in the past and seemed to have an amicable relationship, even when Hamz challenged him to a fight. Hamz, who apparently started Brazilian jiu-jitsu class, tweeted at Ninja to tell him that he was preparing to "spank that booty."


Ninja accepted the challenge with a playful roast. "I've been boxing a couple of 5th graders talking sh*t about my 90s so I'm already prepared for your height and weight class," he said, taking a jab at his fellow streamer's height. Ham followed up with a tweet at KEEMSTAR, asking to set him up against the "level 22 skeleton." Despite the banter, Hamz and Ninja didn't seem to actually end up fighting. Later, when drama propped up between Ninja, his wife, and xQc, Hamz joked that xQc was trying to "cuck [him] out of a boxing match with Ninja."

So an actual boxing match doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon. Hamz and Ninja haven't recently interacted in the public eye with Ninja training for "Valorant" and Hamz on hiatus. As per Dexerto's recent report, the latter hasn't streamed for months.



Sonii challenges not only Ninja, but also Dr Disrespect and Nickmercs to a fight. His streamer fight list, which he posted on Twitter, implies that he thinks he would destroy both Ninja and the T1 team (as per their old logo).


Commenters quickly posted their qualms and agreements in the thread. Some of the most liked comments defended the Doc. One Twitter user said, "This dude thinks he'd 50/50 the doc? LMAO." The call-out doesn't seem serious, considering he and Nickmercs tweeted back and forth rather respectfully, but Ninja and Dr Disrespect never responded. 

Sonii and Ninja do have bad blood as ex-teammates for T1's Valorant team. Sonii tweeted about leaving the team in July 2020: "Tyler has made the decision that he is unable to play with me being on the team." Ninja and other members of the organization haven't commented on the tweet or confirmed the exact reason for his removal, though.


Jack "CouRage" Dunlop, co-owner of 100 Thieves, tweeted a list of streamers he claimed he could beat in a fight. One of those few were Ninja. However, the statement didn't seem to have any harsh feelings behind it.


While Ninja didn't respond, other streamers on the list did. Some like Mizkif, founder of esports organization One True King, didn't seem offended and even joked back. A few unlisted streamers like LazarBeam commented to let CouRage know that, even if he was thinking of challenging them, he should reconsider. All in all, his audience received the post well and no public drama seemed to result from it. 

CouRage and Ninja used to stream together more often in his "Fortnite" days but haven't appeared together recently. CouRage addressed Ninja's absence from his streams along with Cloakzy in a video uploaded onto his alternate YouTube account in August 2020. At the time, Ninja wasn't available because of complications with his streaming contract and professional Valorant training. "We all still love Tyler. We're ready to play with him whenever he comes back," CouRage said.


E-GIRL Rejects

E-GIRL Rejects is a streamer group consisting of Justaminx, QTCinderella, and Kaceytron. The group collectively created a tier list of streamers they could beat in a hypothetical three versus one scenario. They ranked Ninja in the "We'd Destroy Them" category. Many of the commenters doubted the validity of the tier list because they also put the notably buff Dr Disrespect in the same tier. However, others heavily agreed with some rankings such as the girls' choice to rank Michael Reeves in the "We'd Get Destroyed" category. 


Most of the people who responded to the fight tier ranking took the jest lightly. Schlatt, who wasn't included in the tier list, however, called them "idiots" for tagging him but the girls clarified that they added him for "clout." None of them specifically bashed Ninja, although Kaceytron has argued with the gaming superstar about his stance on streaming with female gamers in the past. 

Jack Black

Apparently, Jack Black has a one-sided rivalry with Ninja. He's been aiming for the top since he started his own gaming YouTube channel called JablinskiGames in 2019. Naturally, in the gaming world, that means taking down Ninja. As of April 2021, JablinskiGames has accumulated an impressive 4.88 million subscribers on YouTube. These numbers scream success, but JablinskiGames' numbers pale in comparison to Ninja's astounding 24 million. 


Black has a history of jokingly challenging Ninja in his content. Once, he accused him of stealing his Del Gato and therefore couldn't upload gaming videos that week. Later, in a behind-the-scenes video for Jumanji 4, he mentions Ninja again. "I need to work out to get ready to face Ninja," he says in a behind-the-scenes video for Jumanji 4 before cutting to a training montage.  

During an interview with Geoff Knightley at E3 2019, Black said that Ninja still never responded. Knightly called Ninja to talk to the actor in the middle of their interview, after which Black directly decreed a challenge. However, as a Hollywood jokester, it's likely that Black won't actually be meeting Ninja in the ring.



Redditor asked SypherPK if he would rather fight 10 Nickmercs-sized Ninjas or a single Ninja-sized Nickmercs. Not one to step down from a challenge, SypherPK claimed he could take either Nickmercs or Ninja — no matter what size. The confident "Fortnite" streamer claimed that his improved athletic ability and reach (as he is 6'4") would help in the theoretical fight.


Ninja didn't respond. However, it's hard to imagine that the comment would garner a severe negative reaction from the streaming icon. He and Sypher used to play duos before Ninja shifted his sights on "Valorant." It's safe to say that, although he thinks he could beat him in a fight, he didn't seem set on fighting him for hostile reasons.

Nickmercs, who has streamed with both Ninja and Sypher in the past, didn't respond to the latter's bold claim either. He has, however, responded to other Twitter fight tier lists like Sonii's.