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Fans Are Making Cyberpunk 2077 Regret Sharing Stats

"Cyberpunk 2077" sure feels like the gift that keeps on giving, doesn't it? From the infamous trouser problem and the strange children with adult faces, its many hilarious bugs have made the game a constant source of disappointment and entertainment. The joke may be on everyone else though, as 2020 was somehow "Cyberpunk 2077" developer CD Projekt Red's best year ever. That doesn't mean gamers can't continue having fun at the title's expense.


It started off harmless enough: the Cyberpunk Twitter account tried to kick off a trend with the hashtag "CyberpunkInNumbers," highlighting data such as the total amount of eurodollars Viktor has amassed from gamers "who decided to settle V's debt" since launch. The internet took this as an opportunity to give the game an old-fashioned ribbing. 

If you click on #CyberpunkInNumbers, you'll see an abundance of tweets highlighting just how much of a mess the whole "Cyberpunk 2077" saga has been. One user wrote: "38.79% refunded their game, more than any other AAA Title Game" along with the hashtag. Another person used the hashtag to state: "6 months since you launched this mess and barely made it stable enough to run on the platforms you falsely advertised it as 'running great'; 182 days for you to fix unfinished features in the game, like proper NPC/Enemy/Police AI."


As you might expect, the stat-based "Cyberpunk 2077" roast extended beyond Twitter.

The Cyberpunk 2077 subreddit joined in on the mockery

If you hop on over to the "Cyberpunk 2077" subreddit, you will find plenty of parody posts that use the trend to rag on the game. One Redditor posted a graphic proclaiming: "Over 30,000 refunds." Another submitted an animated image that reads: "ZERO KILLS from wall crawling with Mantis Blades."


Not every submission is a shot against the developers, however. Coming to their defense, a user shared a graphic that reads "Since December 10th, entry-level developers have cumulatively spent 10 hours with their family." In the comments, another user jested, "'There's the problem! No wonder cyberpunk had a bad launch! Think of how much better cyberpunk would have been with those 10 more hours of work!' -Cyberpunk project managers."

Maybe now that people across platforms have taken this opportunity to roast the game, those in charge of the "Cyberpunk 2077" Twitter account regret starting the trend. Will things ever begin to look up for this game?