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Metroid Dread Gets A Long Overdue Upgrade

With "Metroid Dread" a few months out, Nintendo is gradually releasing more information pertaining to the upcoming "Metroid Fusion" successor in the form of Metroid Dread Reports. Where the first Dread Report offered a more detailed take on the E3 2021 reveal trailer and the second Dread Report highlighted the unstoppable E.M.M.I. robots, Vol. 3 of the Metroid Dread Report provided an overview of the game's world map, exploration, Samus Aran's new suit, and more. Based on this update, there appears to be some persuasive upgrades in-store for old school "Metroid" fans.


At the forefront of these upgrades is the aforementioned exploration, which has been bolstered in multiple ways. Most notably, the map itself has been enhanced from previous 2D "Metroid" iterations. The newest Dread Report explained that, while other 2D "Metroid" games provided a "cell-based" map view, the "Metroid Dread" map is "a more detailed navigational tool that can show things like differing terrains."

In addition to a greater-detailed map, other upgrades include the Icon Highlight ability, which "allows you to highlight and view the same type of icons across all area maps" and is particularly useful after gaining a new ability. Further, players can use up to six different markers on the map to indicate where they intend to go back to or visit in the future, which especially helps with hidden items hinted at via "glowing points on the map."


Players can also zoom in and out on the map screen. Moreover, the map itself can be expanded by pressing on the Left Directional Button on the Joy-Con controller.

The developers wanted to ensure you don't 'dread' exploration

"Since the Metroid series of games is all about exploring, it was clear to us that the map—the foundation of exploration—would be an important thing for us to focus on," the Dread Report stated. "This new map is powered up from previous, traditional maps in terms of look and function, which we think will make exploring the world feel even smoother than before."


The rest of the Report detailed Samus' abilities and weaponry, the Chozo species, and the X parasite, which is what caused Samus' suit to go from a combination of orange, yellow, and red to a combination of turquoise, white, and red. The X parasite appeared in "Metroid Fusion," hence why the suit aesthetic carries over into "Metroid Dread."

While that's all there is for now, there will be more Metroid Dread Reports to come. The game itself launches for Nintendo Switch on October 8, 2021.