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The Incredibly Clever Way Fans Are Fixing Joy-Con Drift

If you have a Nintendo Switch, then you've probably heard about the infamous drifting problem that's rendered many a Joy-Con useless. For Nintendo, it's become such a big problem that lawsuits have been piling up left and right, and joystick drift has even become a problem for PlayStation 5 controllers. Nobody wants a controller that registers faulty inputs or pulls to one side or the other. Luckily, one fan found a way to fix the problem, and it looks like it's actually working.

VK's Channel on YouTube posted a DIY fix for the Joy-Con drift on July 14, a single day after the channel was created. The owner of the channel, Victorstk, describes themselves as "an aspiring game developer," and they decided to kick things off with a clip that may solve many gamer headaches. 

The video breaks down how Victorstk looked into various reasons as to why the Joy-Con drift happens and how to solve the problems. The way it works is pretty simple: stick a piece of cardboard under the analog stick. It's really that easy. If you don't have any cardboard around, then anything that's about one millimeter thick will do the trick, like a business card. You'll also need to have the correct tools to get the Joy-Con casing off. Other than that, it's pretty smooth sailing. According to Victorstk, this fix has lasted two months for him.

Unfortunately, not everyone has had the easiest time replicating Victorstk's solution.

Here's why the fix doesn't work on every Joy-Con

While Victorstk's suggestion is amazing, it unfortunately won't help all Switch owners. When Victorstk posted the solution on Reddit, there were plenty of people who saw success with the fix. However, as pointed out by Redditor ExistToDecist, there are several different reasons why stick drift can happen, so it's not something that has a completely universal fix. Some people may have a different underlying issue than Victorstk's Switch had, and may see varying results.

Luckily, Victorstk's video also addressed how to find out if his fix will work for you before you start opening up your Joy-Cons. He called it the "pressure test." As explained in the video, while you're looking at the calibration settings on your Switch, you should lightly press down on the Joy-Con in two different areas. If the drifting stops, then Victorstk's fix should work.

If you're comfortable enough to try this solution out, keep in mind that you will be voiding your warranty for the Joy-Cons. As it is, Nintendo will fix or replace your Joy-Cons if you're experiencing stick drift. Basically, you should only attempt this if you don't want to wait for Nintendo to fulfill your repair request.