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The Real Reason TikTok Cheating Accusations Can Hurt Legit Streamers

Streamers make money off their reputations, for better or worse, and there's no quicker way to damage a gamer's reputation than by accusing them of cheating. With platforms like TikTok growing in popularity, it's easier than ever for viewers to voice opinions on streaming content. For example, FaZe Kalei had to go on record to respond to cheating accusations that gained ground on TikTok, even though she'd seemingly done nothing wrong. Recent cheating allegations against several streamers may or may not have any truth to them, but they have affected revenue streams and reputations.


TimTheTatman spoke out about the issue after someone accused him of using an aimbot via TikTokHe began by saying he had no vested interest in the issue because he's not a good player, but "there's people there that are very good at the game that these people on TikTok or whoever are accusing of cheating and it's affecting, it like, affects them." TimTheTatman continued, "That's how they're making their money because they're really good at the game, and people are like doubting whether they're good." He then provided specific examples of how cheating allegations affect streamers, starting with ZLaner.

TimTheTatman warns false 'hackusations' can hurt a streamer's income

Dr Disrespect's "Warzone" partner has fun with his platform, frequently joking as he plays various game. Even so, that doesn't mean ZLaner doesn't have the skills to perform competitively. The accusations against ZLaner became so intense that the streamer even offered his biggest hater a free plane ticket to come verify that he wasn't cheating in "Warzone." TimTheTatman discussed ZLaner's recent cheating accusations, saying, "I think ZLaner is a good example. ZLaner's an incredible player that got accused of cheating and people legitimately think that he's cheating." 


TimTheTatman explained that many streamers make the majority of their income from prize pools and competitions, and falsely accusing them of hacking ruins their ability to make money. "I legitimately do feel bad for people," he said. "Those kind of like 'hackusations,' if you will, affect them, because there's probably some people that are really good and like, someone makes a video ... and people start believing in it." 

Managing public opinion is part of being a streaming personality, but when fans can communicate with and influence each other more easily than ever before, streamers must be incredibly careful about which parts of themselves they share with the world. Sometimes, streamers actually are cheating, like Dream and his speedrun scandal.


TimTheTatman has experienced his own share of hard times, perhaps making him more empathetic towards other streamers.