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ZLaner Made A Wild Offer To His Biggest Hater

For months, YouTubers and Redditors alike have been accusing popular "Call of Duty: Warzone" streamer ZLaner of cheating, with many creating detailed videos and theories explaining why they think his plays are enhanced. While the streamer has responded in kind with videos demonstrating his innocence, the rumors have persisted. In an attempt to put the issue to rest once and for all, ZLaner has offered to buy one of his biggest detractors a plane ticket to come and watch him play live.

ZLaner, who often partners up with Dr Disrepect, specifically extended the invitation to YouTuber BadBoyBeaman, who has created multiple videos accusing the streamer of cheating. At the end of a clip addressing the allegations, the streamer pro offers to pay to fly BadBoyBeaman to his hometown in Canada and assist in creating a "controlled environment," where both parties can dictate the setup and film the entire process. However, the offer comes with a catch: if BadBoyBeaman accepts and observes ZLaner "drop a bomb right in front of [his] face," then the YouTuber must admit defeat and delete his channel forever.

While ZLaner doesn't strictly define what "dropping a bomb" necessarily entails, it is a fair guess that he intends to try and pull off another impressive "Call of Duty: Warzone" feat, like taking out 38 opponents in a single tournament match. That wild offer quickly prompted a response from BadBoyBeaman, who posted a video about the invitation.

BadBoyBeaman declines the offer to visit ZLaner — for now

Just a couple of days after ZLaner challenged BadBoyBeaman to put his YouTube channel on the line, the response video went up. In the clip, BadBoyBeaman quickly dismissed the proposition ZLaner put forward and stated that his offer was "null and void," specifically because the streamer had failed to address what BadBoyBeaman feels are the most critical accusations of cheating.

Next, BadBoyBeaman visited the official Canadian travel site to find out if he would even be allowed to visit Zlaner. He soon discovered that due to the ongoing COVID-19 travel restrictions, it is unlikely that he would be admitted to the country simply to watch another person play a video game. After discussing that daunting obstacle, BadBoyBeaman provided further documentation of what he feels is suspect gameplay, as well as a few examples of other YouTubers asking similar questions. 

Cheating in "Call of Duty: Warzone" has plagued the game pretty much since it launched in March 2020, and ZLaner is far from the only streamer to face cheating accusations. Until the developers can come up with a solution to the hacks that many feel have ruined the game, these sort of back and forths seem destined to continue.