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Donuts Can Get You Free Xbox Game Pass, But There's A Catch

Two heavyweights of their industries have come together at last. That's right, Krispy Kreme and Xbox have finally teamed up to give gamers Xbox-themed doughnuts and a chance to try Game Pass for free.

Krispy Kreme introduced the new pastry in a tech-styled ad on Twitter, dubbing it the Nexus Level Doughnut. The doughnut looks round and filled with a brownie batter filling, which at least some fans hoped would be green. The top of the doughnut has the signature Xbox logo dusted on in powdered sugar and green coloring, giving it a sleek yet sweet style.


According to Krispy Kreme's website, each customer who buys a Choose Your Own Dozen box of donuts during August 2-22 will be entered to win an Xbox Series S. Gamers can also snag a dozen from their local supermarket and enter online. Each promotional dozen doughnuts comes with a month-long trial of Xbox's Game Pass service, allowing doughnut fans to get a taste of what Xbox has to offer.

Of course, there are a couple of catches. First, Krispy Kreme's Xbox promotion is only for UK-based doughnut lovers. Though the doughnut chain may choose to bring its Xbox celebration to North America sometime in the future, its initial campaign is only for Krispy Kremes in the UK and Ireland.

More stipulations and fan reactions

Secondly, gamers that think they might be able to buy multiple boxes of doughnuts and gain a discounted year of Xbox's Game Pass are out of luck. Krispy Kreme's website clarifies that players will only receive a free month of Game Pass with each initial entry. So even if a doughnut-obsessed Xbox fan buys 12 dozen pastries, they'll still only receive one free month of Game Pass.


Even though it's difficult for tricky fans to game the system, the terms and conditions of the contest specify that 110 Xbox Series S consoles will go to lucky fans throughout the UK and Ireland. In other words, customers still have many chances to win big.

Gamers joked about the promotion online, arguing about how the doughnuts might taste. One fan hoped the filling had Ray Tracing, while another asked if the doughnuts had a waiting list. Overall, the online response to the promotion felt lighthearted and humorous.

Microsoft has a history of clever marketing for Game Pass, and its Krispy Kreme tie-in is no exception. Everyone wins when buyers get both doughnuts and a free month of Game Pass.