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Pokemon Go Has Banned A Ton Of Innocent Players

Too many cheaters can easily ruin a game, but does "Pokemon Go" fall into this category? If you ask the innocent players who were recently banned from the popular pocket monster AR game, the answer is yes.

After receiving several complaints from users who claimed they had been wrongfully banned, Eurogamer reached out to "Pokemon Go" developer Niantic to address a glitch in its "anti-cheat system."

The company responded by issuing a statement for Eurogamer and on Twitter to let users know that its team is "working on reverting strikes for some Trainers who incorrectly received punishments on their accounts." The tweet further explained that the bans would be resolved automatically, meaning customers won't necessarily have to reach out to Niantic in order to get the ball rolling.

Receiving a ban in the popular mobile game is more than just a minor inconvenience; it begins with a "seven-day soft ban warning," followed by 30 days of revoked account access. Three strikes and your Pokemon training career is over. Unfortunately, this round of seemingly accidental suspensions made it impossible for loyal players to participate in one of the biggest in-game events of the year.

The users on Twitter speak up

"Pokemon Go" recently came under fire because of what many fans viewed as wallet-draining tactics employed by Niantic prior to this year's Pokemon Go Fest. As Eurogamer's Tom Phillips pointed out, the wave of false bans prevented many from even participating in this event. So the question remains: Will the player community be able to let this one go?

A large number of fans have taken to Twitter to express frustration over Niantic's methods for busting cheaters. One user brought up how this has been an ongoing issue, stating, "Your detection system does not work properly, and the fact that you don't even look into appeals 95% of the time is unacceptable." This person urged the company to employ "real people" to address the issue. Another user who received a ban said that they "spent way too much money on this game," only to find themselves unable to use their ticket to Go Fest, which was definitely not free.

Considering the creative ways people have found to cheat in "Pokemon Go,", it may be difficult for Niantic to come up with a proper solution. Hopefully, all innocent players will have their accounts restored soon. Keep your eyes peeled for more "Pokemon Go" news as it rolls in.