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Alinity Apologizes After Restaurant Drama Backlash

Alinity has been a complicated figure on the internet for quite some time now. She originally popped up as problematic after incidents were caught on livestream with her pets. While one of her cats eventually got revenge, her actions since then have still led to a lot of people disliking her. Now she's facing backlash from an awkward restaurant visit.


On June 25, Alinity was out getting food with a group on Mizkif's livestream. Fellow streamer HAchubby had some problems ordering. According to Dexerto, HAchubby had a bit of trouble explaining what she wanted to eat because English isn't her first language.

At one point, the cashier mentioned that he wished Mizkif or Alinity would help her order, but the two continued laughing and joking around until Alinity finally ordered for HAchubby. Eventually, after they've gotten their food and sat down with other friends, Alinity claimed that the cashier was the problem with the situation because she thought he was "racist."

The internet was in an uproar over the comment, which ultimately led to Alinity apologizing and explaining her response to the situation. Here's how the drama all played out.


Alinity's joke could cost the worker his job

The clip was quickly shared around the internet, with one making its way to Reddit. User newperson0706 posted a clip of the video on the subreddit PublicFreakout with a headline reading, "Millionaire Twitch streamers are jerks to a cashier and then claim he is racist for no reason." 


A number of people who viewed the video were upset that the group of streamers blamed the cashier in this situation. Some users were quick to place the blame on Alinity, who jokes in the video that she also can't understand HAChubby. Additionally, Redditor cardscook77 brought up the fact that not everyone in the stream seemed to agree with Alinity accusations of racism.

During a later stream in which Mizkif and Alinity replayed a clip of the incident, Mizkif mentioned that Alinity may have crossed a line with calling the cashier racist while streaming to 50,000 people. Alinity also apologized on stream, remarking that there's no reason to call people racist so flippantly. She also says that she won't be so quick to do that again.


In a clip shared by Dexerto, Alinity explained that she later called the restaurant and spoke to the manager about the situation, apologizing for the group's behavior and vouching for the cashier. The manager apparently said that the employees were all "fine," so it seemed like the cashier wasn't impacted by Alinity's comments.