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Elden Ring Fans Are Divided Over This Weird Monster

Fans have been fussing over monsters for weeks thanks to the "Elden Ring" reveal at E3. The trailer was only the first stop on a piping-hot hype train, which has kept prospective players occupied with theories and discussion since its release. Just a month or so ago, viewers were freaking out about the "Elden Ring" pot people. Now, it's a dog, wolf, or maybe a lion?


Enthusiasts took to the "Elden Ring" subreddit to debate what looked like one of the bosses featured in the new trailer. The forum threw around all kinds of guesses, including wolves, lions, tigers, and even chimeras, mythical creatures that are an amalgamation of beasts. However, none of them could agree on what it really was.

One user took the time to compare the beast with real-life lions and canines. They pointed out that the so-called wolf or dog better resembled a lion because of a few highlighted features like the snout and mane. The user circled the enemy's snout, which wasn't quite as pointy as a wolf's. Also, the boss possessed a flowing mane and beard like male lions typically do.

The lion argument was convincing, but it didn't close the case. Another user compared a screenshot of the boss to snouts and teeth in two dog photos. To be fair, some dogs have more rounded snouts than others. The dog-lion-chimera might not have a pointed snout, but it seemed comparatively similar to the dogs in the user's pictures.


A lion-wolf by any other name is just as sweet

One brave soul suggested an entirely different option than a canine or feline with a meme-heavy post. They joked about the subreddit arguing about either lion or wolf and shared that they and their friend actually both thought it was a "lolf." Basically, a "lolf" is chimeric hybrid between a lion and wolf. Alternatively, a commenter on the post suggested that it could be a "wion."


Lolf and wion supporters could be onto something. After all, the monster has enough traits to be confused for a lion and wolf — not that those are the only guesses in this winding debate. Then again, maybe the chimera argument is relevant here.

It's unlikely that an official source will proclaim what the creature actually is, and so the battle of the beast rages on. It might not even stop once "Elden Ring" actually releases on January 21, 2022. "We will fight for this until January," one lion believer wrote.