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Tragic Details About Pokimane

Moroccan-born streamer Pokimane, real name Imane Anys, is known for many things, but one of the defining characteristics of her content is her cheerful demeanor. Fans tuning into pretty much any video that the she posts to Twitch or YouTube are treated to her sunny disposition and winning smile, whether she is running a round of "Valorant" or hosting a relaxed "Just Chatting" session.

Pokimane has leveraged her popular and accessible personal brand to contribute to several related content creation channels, such as Offline TV, a collaborative YouTube gaming community. The streamer's massive popularity even led to a collaboration with Winky Lux to create products for her own makeup line, some of which even retailed for a time at Macy's. All of these ambitious ventures have helped raise her profile and even landed her a brief role in the film "Free Guy" in one of her most significant crossover moments yet.

Behind Pokimane's cheeriness and success is an ambitious young woman who faces overwhelming negativity on a daily basis and a human being with some real challenges in her professional life. Here are the tragic details about Pokimane's life that many fans are unaware of.

Pokimane had to put up with an obsessive fan for years

Many of the negative aspects concerning Pokimane's life and career revolve around her celebrity status and visibility online. While the internet has created new levels of accessibility for toxic people to target public figures, one of the most frustrating issues Pokimane has dealt with is one faced by many stars — a harasser who made it their mission to insult her for years.

As reported by Dexerto, Pokimane opened up during a 2019 stream about the inappropriate and aggressive emails that she had received from one individual. The issue occurred for so long that the streamer wasn't sure how many years the viewer had sent her messages calling her vulgar names. In the stream, she estimated that she had dealt with the harasser for "three and a half years? Maybe four?"

Pokimane considered limiting her chat to subs only due to constant criticism

While Pokimane may use her natural charisma to keep her audience tuning in, she is also a competent gamer who puts her skills on display by streaming popular competitive titles such as "League of Legends" and "Fortnite." However, the open format of chat discussions on Twitch invites a truly disheartening amount of negativity, and the unending barrage of criticism the streamer faced while streaming "Valorant" led her to consider limiting the availability of chat functions while playing the game.

Pokimane announced via Twitter that she was contemplating making the chat in her "Valorant" streaming sessions subs-only, meaning that fans would need to become paid subscribers to post in the chat. Right off the bat, this would prevent random people from dropping into the stream just to troll Pokimane and her fans by leaving negative comments about her play.

Considering that community engagement is one of the key draws of Twitch as a platform for many users, the fact that Pokimane needs to restrict access simply to stream without constant criticism is pretty disappointing. While toxic chat users have been one of the shadier parts of Twitch for a long time, the level that Pokimane has to put up with is truly unfortunate.

Pokimane has had to ban an unbelievable amount of users on Twitch

Pokimane has been forced to ban hundreds of thousands of people from her Twitch streams, showing the tragic scale of online harassment she has to deal with.

During a conversation with a Twitch software engineer, Robinlemonz, Pokimane casually asked how many Twitch accounts had been banned from her account. While Robinlemonz didn't reveal the total figure, they did estimate that about 350,000 real Twitch accounts had been permanently barred from entering Pokimane's chat.

The fact that so many individuals have chosen to log on to Twitch with a real account to post offensive, vulgar, or demeaning comments to Pokimane's chat is a bit overwhelming. While the streamer certainly has plenty of admirers, considering that she has amassed over 8 million subscribers on Twitch alone, dealing with that level of negativity daily is a sobering reality for someone who has built a public identity on creating an inclusive, positive space for fans.