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Mario Golf Super Rush: How To Unlock Every Course

The latest "Mario" sports title, "Mario Golf: Super Rush," is now available for the Nintendo Switch. The new title brings a number of "Mario" characters together to compete on the golf course, seeing who has the best stroke. The game's critical response was a bit rocky, with critics saying that the story mode feels RPG-lite and tedious. Critics felt that "Mario Golf: Super Rush" is a bit thin when it comes to content, although Nintendo did announce that it will be releasing free updates for the title, teasing a New Donk City course. Despite that, the title received a high number of pre-orders after E3, according to GameStop.

While Nintendo hasn't said exactly when it plans to release updates nor how frequently those updates will come out, it does give "Mario Golf: Super Rush" fans something to look forward to. For now, people will need to be satisfied with the six courses included at launch.

How to unlock all six courses

When first starting "Mario Golf: Super Rush" only two of the six courses will be available to play, Rookie Course and Bonny Greens. There are two ways to unlock the rest of the courses, one of which is much faster than the other. The first method is to play through 18 holes on each course starting with Bonny Greens, in any mode. Once you play through 18 holes on Bonny Greens it unlocks Ridgerock Lake. Playing 18 holes on Ridgerock Lake unlocks Balmy Desert, and the cycle continues until you unlock all six courses.

The other option is to play through the single-player adventure mode, where you make a Mii and go on a journey to become a professional golfer. The adventure mode goes through each of the six courses in order, and whenever you complete a course's challenge, you unlock that course for regular game modes. The single-player mode takes about seven and a half hours to complete, so it's slower than just playing 18 holes. However, if you plan on playing the adventure mode anyway, this will unlock all of the courses.