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Why Dr Disrespect Is Worried About Halo Infinite

Gamers have been worried about "Halo Infinite" for some time now, and it turns out that the internet's favorite mullet-wearing streamer is part of that crowd.

While broadcasting on August 2, Dr Disrespect took the opportunity to chat about the upcoming "Halo Infinite." After a few strained moments gathering his thoughts, he brought up the recent tech preview that took place for the Xbox title. His biggest hangup seemed to be the fact that 343 Industries tapped its playerbase for hands-on testing when it was working with a budget that he felt should have allowed the team to do such testing "internally." He wanted to know what the devs still had to test.


Regardless, from what he saw while watching the tech preview, he was not exactly blown away. Reminding his audience that he was not involved in playtesting the demo, the Doc still felt like it was unnecessary to just test the game's AI players. He also asserted that the new game absolutely needs a battle royale mode to thrive in the current gaming climate. Ultimately, the Doc explained, all he wants is for "Halo Infinite" to live up to its potential

Considering the Doc's many concerns, should you be worried over this public tech demo as well?

Halo Infinite's tech preview went over well with fans

If the response on Twitter is any indication of how things are going for "Halo Infinite," you can probably breathe a sigh of relief. In general, gamers had a blast trying out the upcoming title. Many users thanked 343 Industries for this preview, sharing their enthusiasm for the game's launch. Those who participated largely had a great time, which seems to bode well for the end product.


Tech previews and closed betas are nothing new. They can be helpful tools for developers to receive feedback directly from the people who will be playing the game. Tech previews also offer developers a chance to listen to the fans and create something that gamers will genuinely enjoy.

It makes sense that the Doc is a little on edge over "Halo Infinite." During his stream, he expressed his feeling that "the industry is just so dry," sharing how he's always looked forward to the "Halo" games in the past. In June, Dr Disrespect said he might take a break from streaming because he's growing tired of what's currently available. He even returned to "Apex Legends" a month later, only to immediately slam it.


It's no secret that Dr Disrespect is hungry for new games. Hopefully when "Halo Infinite" launches, it will be just what the Doctor ordered.