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Dr Disrespect Returns To Apex Legends And Immediately Slams The Game

Dr. Disrespect is known for his extreme behavior. When the Doc makes a decision, he isn't often subtle about it. Along the same lines, he's typically pretty honest when it comes to what he does and does not enjoy playing. There are plenty of games he can't stand, which can sometimes limit his streaming options.


The Two-Time Champion used to regularly play "Apex Legends," but he eventually moved on to "Warzone," a game with which he has had a tumultuous relationship. Dr. Disrespect has threatened to stop streaming "Warzone" on multiple occasions, once going so far as to completely remove it from his PC. While he has since returned to "Warzone," it's been tough for the Doc to find something he truly has fun playing. Because of this, he's even told his viewers he might take a break from streaming if he can't find something worth his time.

A few months ago, Dr. Disrespect said that he would like to play more "Apex Legends," but he couldn't do it on YouTube because he thought it would affect his viewership. Despite those concerns, he recently decided to boot up the game for the first time in a while. After all, if "Warzone" wasn't doing it for him anymore, why not give "Apex Legends" another go? His experience, however, was not pleasant.


The Doc's true feelings on Apex Legends

After finishing his first stream of "Apex Legends" in over a year, Dr Disrespect summarized his experience with a rather scathing review.

Following the string of matches, he referred to the game as "tedious," stating that he was not going to revisit it in the future. He then expressed how difficult it was to stay invested, telling viewers that he was "reading emails on [his] third monitor" to emphasize just how disengaged he was from the gameplay. The Doc apparently regretted giving it another chance, even though he had admitted in the past that he liked "Apex Legends." At the end of the day, he was fairly adamant about his decision to never stream it again, though he did mention that he could enjoy watching someone else play.


Is this truly the end for Dr. Disrespect and "Apex Legends?" While he has a bit of a track record for swearing off games only to later come back, this time, something was different. He did not make this declaration in a stunning fit of rage as he is wont to do. Instead, he appeared genuinely tired and uninterested.

The fact that he returned to a game that he thought would hurt his numbers might suggest that the Doc is truly running out of options. Perhaps he will actually move to streaming very different content like golf, as he suggested last month.