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Games You Should Play If You Like Scarlet Nexus

"Scarlet Nexus," Bandai Namco's new IP, earned relatively positive reviews from critics for its two intertwined tales and combat system. Players pick between Yuito and Kasane, two cadets graduating into the elite force called the OSF (Other Suppression Force). They meet new teammates and senior officers in the fight against alien creatures known as Others. However, they soon learn that there's more to the reality behind their monster-ridden world and the powers they hold.

Benji Sales, an independent games industry analyst, reported that the game debuted fifth in the overall best-selling games of the month chart and placed as the sixth best-selling game for both Xbox and PlayStation. Bandai Namco also created "Scarlet Nexus" with an accompanying anime in mind, which tells the same story through animation rather than gameplay.

If you happen to finish both Yuito and Kasane's routes and explore every side quest the game has to offer, it might be time to move on to something new. Here are a few games you should play if you liked "Scarlet Nexus."

Astral Chain

"Astral Chain," an action RPG from the same studio as "Bayonetta," takes place in a dystopian world filled with aliens and special task forces for fighting them. The twin heroes fight as part of the Neuron force against extraterrestrial creatures called Chimeras, which have wiped out most of humanity. Most survivors live in the Ark, a city dedicated to housing the remaining humans while the task force tries to reclaim Earth. 

Those who enjoy anime aesthetics and cyberpunk-adjacent settings might enjoy "Astral Chain" because it has stylistic similarities to "Scarlet Nexus." After all, both games take place in a futuristic society fighting space invaders. Another similarity lies in the combat systems, which both involve juggling weapons and slashing away at enemies. In "Astral Chain," humans found out that some of them had the ability to tame Chimeras and turn them into living weapons called Legion. The Legion represent different weapons like Sword, Arrow, and Axe. Players swap between Legion with SAS abilities, which is similar to the combat system in "Scarlet Nexus."  

Of course, the two titles differ greatly in plot details and characters. However, one of the standout differences is the lack of personality in the protagonist of "Astral Chain." Unlike "Scarlet Nexus," the protagonists don't have their own separate storylines. Your choice only determines the gender of your mute avatar, and the unchosen twin apparently does most of the talking for both of you. 

Code Vein

"Code Vein" was poised to be the next big RPG, but it has a few kinks that "Scarlet Nexus" improved upon. This action RPG also takes place in the future, albeit a grimmer one than its successor. It's a post-apocalyptic dystopian story that centers on a hidden society of Revenants called Vein and their efforts to reclaim the world from the monstrous Lost. Revenants are blessed with Gifts, but they sacrifice memories and depend on blood to retain their humanity in exchange for these powers. 

Players manage Gifts in "Code Vein" similar to how Yuito and Kasane do with SAS abilities in "Scarlet Nexus." Additionally, both games also build on "Souls-like" hack-and-slash mechanics. IGN called out how AI buddies could make or break the battle — something that carries over to "Scarlet Nexus," where players can deploy up to two teammates at once.

Still, despite the similarities in aesthetic and gameplay, "Code Vein" didn't receive the same level of critical acclaim as "Scarlet Nexus." One of "Code Vein's" biggest drawbacks was its story and characterization, especially when it came to female characters. Rock Paper Shotgun outright calls the game "sexist," and RPG Site even caused an argument about boob gravity in the comments section of its review. 

Devil May Cry 5

"Devil May Cry 5," the latest installment of the "Devil May Cry" series, brings back reoccurring protagonists Dante and Nero, and a mysterious new protagonist named V. The game scored favorably on Metacritic and managed to please both critics and users. It offers the most modern experience of the franchise and doesn't hold back when it comes to challenging, action-packed gameplay.

"Devil May Cry" has a hack-and-slash style that should feel familiar to "Scarlet Nexus" players. It's a revolutionary action RPG franchise, so it's no wonder it pops up in conversations about the genre even if it's fundamentally different from anime games like "Scarlet Nexus."

Those looking at "Devil May Cry" on the outside might already know it aesthetically differs from "Scarlet Nexus." First off, it's a more photorealistic art style rather than a cartoonish one, which also means more realistic blood and gore. It's more mature in its tone, so don't expect the same idealism and innocence as in "Scarlet Nexus." PlayStation Lifestyle reported on its more mature content including "blood, partial nudity, strong language, and violence." Still, give it a try if you don't mind the raunchier themes.