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Embarrassing Mistakes You Don't Want To Make In GTA Online

"GTA Online" is a great way to socialize with your fellow outlaws. There are plenty of creative ways to enjoy the game, from living out your best "Mario Kart" dreams to getting involved with a "Grand Theft Auto" roleplaying server. Of course, players' experiences are only enhanced when they collaborate with others.


Gamers might be interested in joining a crew in "GTA Online." However, teaming up with others who will be watching and judging your every move comes at a price, and players will want to be extra cautious in how you play. After all, you don't ever want your friends to know some of the embarrassing things you've done in "GTA."

What if gamers haven't committed any faux pas? There's always a risk that they could do something rather humiliating in front of all their new friends. If you're wondering what constitutes an embarrassing mistake in "Grand Theft Auto," here are a few examples.

Be careful what you say

Practicing proper mic etiquette is something gamers should do no matter what they're playing, but it can definitely result in some embarrassing moments in "GTA Online." Even though gamers may think their microphone is muted, there are plenty of instances where players are caught off guard after finding out everyone in the lobby could hear them.


On Reddit, a few gamers shared some regrettable moments that were picked up by their active microphones. One user explained how they were attempting to expedite the process of acquiring a phone number by blowing into the mic. This, of course, wasn't well-received by others who could hear the resulting noise. Another user was caught singing in the shower, belting out tunes you wouldn't share with polite company. Similarly, a Redditor in that comment thread shared that they "have been laughed at by singing 'Singing in the Rain' as a low level noob who didn't know any better."

Let these examples be a warning to anyone who enters a public lobby in "GTA Online": Always check twice to make sure your mic is muted if you don't want anyone to hear you.


A mistake that will send you straight back to boating school

Before getting behind the wheel of a boat carrying a group of friends in "GTA Online," gamers may want to practice on their own first. After all, no one wants their peers to witness as they accidentally hit dry land.


One user recounted an experience on Reddit where they beached the vessel "at the end of Pacific Standard." This gamer was playing with three others who got to see the boat instantly hit the sand. Even though they didn't make this mistake again and knew it was a common occurrence, they were haunted by that small display of pilot error.

Indeed, this is more common than one might expect; someone in the thread wrote "Came here to say that I did this. Glad to hear I'm not alone." Another confirmed that "Everyone has done it at least one."

The fact that it's such an easy mistake to make should inspire everyone to be even more cautious when driving a boat in "GTA Online." Unless you're feeling extra confident, you might just want to let someone else take the wheel (so it can be their embarrassing mistake, and not yours).


Users in GTA Online prey on the naïve

"GTA" players may be friendly in real life. In fact, they could be one of the nicest people to beat "GTA 5," eager to connect with strangers they encounter online. But while charm and a winning personality may earn plenty of friends in the real world, nice people might not have the same success in "GTA Online."


One gamer on Reddit explained how one of their biggest mistakes was attempting to form friendships "with randoms." This person claimed that such a gesture would often be met with gunfire. They cautioned others to "Trust no one!"

Another user recounted how they were solicited by a stranger in "GTA Online" to approach the latter's vehicle. This person attempted to get into the car but was instead fired upon by the driver, proving that you can't trust anyone in the game. To emphasize how unlikely it is to have a friendly interaction with someone you don't know in "GTA Online," someone in that thread shared a positive experience and called it "almost surreal."

It may be players' best bet to stick to teaming up with people they know in person.