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GTA Players Are Living Out Their Best Mario Kart Dreams

"Grand Theft Auto Online" has everything: alien faction wars, hackers that keep making things worse — you name it, you can find it on the crime-ridden streets of Los Santos. But one creative "GTA" player must have thought that the super popular open-world game didn't have enough adrenaline junkie Italian plumbers — so they took it upon themselves to inject a little Mushroom Kingdom into the mix.

With some help from the game's big "Los Santos Tuners” update and Rockstar Editor, "GTA Online" player GurpyColors went ahead and replicated the chaotic — and friendship-destroying — fun of "Mario Kart" in "GTA Online." Reddit user iosgamer2day shared a clip of the action, labelling it "The Mario Kart Underground." The clip shows off a hilarious race in an underground garage set to the ever-recognizable theme of the Coconut Mall level from "Mario Kart Wii." GurpyColors even threw in a character dressed up as Nintendo's iconic plumber, just for good measure — and watching him put the pedal to the metal against a couple of demonic-looking dudes in horned masks is truly a surreal sight to behold.

"GTA" players have never shied away from living out their crossover dreams in the crime sim sandbox, but thanks to the aforementioned "Los Santos Tuners" update, they've got a slew of new vehicular content at their disposal. Now that GurpyColors has raised the bar with their "Mario Kart" masterpiece, fellow inventive "Grand Theft Auto Online" players are going to have to step up their game and deliver something even crazier. In the meantime, however, the unexpected "GTA"/"Mario Kart" crossover is definitely turning some heads.

Reddit is going wild for Mario Kart Underground

Say what you will about the "GTA Online" community, but you can't deny that they're a creative bunch who aren't afraid to push the "open" in "open-world" to its limits. Such is the case with GurpyColor's "Mario Kart Underground," because "GTA"-loving Redditors have taken notice — and they're loving it.

One user took the opportunity to praise the "GTA Online" community as a whole, using GurpyColor's creation as an example of the gamers' collective ingenuity. They wholesomely wrote, "I love how people put so much effort like this." They added, "It really makes me proud to be part of such a creative community."

Another user poked fun at the often wonky vehicle physics at play in "GTA Online," writing, "Oh god I love this but I hate it too. Slightly bump into a small barrier at 3 mph on a bike: Instantly flung off into oblivion." Redditor SolemnReign hilariously contrasted the difference between "GTA Online" weapons and "Mario Kart" items, writing that a banana peel is no match for a bundle of C4.

With the inevitable — but likely faraway — release of "GTA 6" looming, "GTA Online" players have had to get creative to keep things fresh in their favorite game. If "Mario Kart Underground" is any indication, though, they're having no problem finding ways to keep the streets of Los Santos alive.