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DanTDM Breaks Down The Difference Between His Two Acting Gigs - Exclusive

Thanks to his incredibly successful "Minecraft" YouTube channel, DanTDM has had plenty of unique opportunities to interact with fans, including appearing in big budget films. His first chance came when he landed a small part in "Ralph Breaks the Internet" as Eboy, and now he is appearing in person in "Free Guy."

While his parts in both films are relatively minor, the experience of filming for them couldn't have been more different. In "Ralph Breaks the Internet," after all, DanTDM appeared as a voice given to an animated character, whereas in "Free Guy," he plays a streamer who is much closer to his real-life persona. Considering that playing a character written into a story and film appearance in a cameo role are vastly different experiences, SVG sat down with DanTDM in an exclusive interview to ask how each one went.

As it turns out, the streamer was able to use some of the skills he practices every day with his massive YouTube audience during his performances, although there were plenty of all new challenges to prepare for. Here's how DanTDM broke down the differences in his two biggest acting gigs.

DanTDM on Free Guy vs. Ralph Breaks the Internet

When SVG asked DanTDM to break down the differences between "Ralph Breaks the Internet" and "Free Guy," the streamer explained that there were two primary things that separated them: the overall setup and the roles themselves. While learning how to play a character, as opposed to simply playing himself, was a new challenge, the change of location was even more significant.

DanTDM explained, "I recorded it myself for the 'Free Guy' film. So it was essentially just what I do normally." However, he continued, "In 'Ralph Breaks the Internet,' I was directed. I flew to the studio. I had a certain script that I had to read and try and capture the vibe of a certain character that didn't look like me. So I think that's where their two main differences lie, they're two completely different skill sets."

When SVG asked which skill set he found more challenging, DanTDM explained, "I would say the voice. If I had to pick one, it would be voice acting, definitely. So the 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' one for sure, because the "Free Guy" one is essentially what I do every day anyway." Either way, DanTDM makes an impression in both films. Fans check out new content coming from the content creator on his YouTube channel.

"Free Guy" is now playing in theaters nationwide.