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Pokimane Talks Free Guy, Animal Crossing, And Acting - Exclusive Interview

As one of Twitch's biggest stars, Pokimane can be found nearly every day streaming anything from "League of Legends," the game that helped her rise to prominence in 2017, to "Valorant," honing her skills while entertaining an audience of over 8 million subscribers.


While Pokimane has long proven her abilities as a competitive and enthusiastic gamer, her channel has a reputation for being laid back and inviting, and the popularity of her Just Chatting videos is a testament to that. Her accessible brand has helped her build an impressive content portfolio, which is composed of multiple YouTube channels, and she frequently collaborates with other streamers and content creators. All of those efforts have recently opened a new door for Pokimane — one that leads to the big screen, as the streamer is set to appear in the upcoming film, "Free Guy."

In "Free Guy," Ryan Reynolds plays Guy, an NPC in a world not unlike that of "Grand Theft Auto Online," who suddenly becomes aware of his city's violent nature and his unique ability to save it. SVG sat down with Pokimane in an exclusive interview to discuss her experiences filming for "Free Guy," what video game world she could see herself in, and the types of acting roles she might pursue in the future.


Free Guy feels authentic, says Pokimane

How well do you think "Free Guy" did in representing gamer culture?

I think it is one of the most authentic looks at gaming culture that we've had thus far. I mean, can you name any other gaming-related movie that actually went the extra mile to include actual gamers and livestreamers into their films? I really like that they've looked at it from different angles.


Whether it's just your average girl or guy playing the way that they want to represent themselves online or have a different sort of character or personality or style online, and even from an NPC's perspective. Just from the plot line, you can tell that they're taking a new twist to your regular gaming elements and really putting in that extra effort.

One interesting aspect of "Free Guy" is that in order to disrupt the game Guy is inside, he has to play it 'wrong,' which is something that gamers do in real life all the time. Do you have a favorite game to play in a way other than the developers may have intended?

One of my favorite games is "Detroit: Become Human." It's kind of a storyline or a decision-making-based game where everything you decide to do impacts the end story or whatever happens. I like to sometimes do just a chaotic run of that game where you make the craziest decisions, or you don't care who you're killing off just to see what happens. But it's nice that you can always restart, take a more pacifist angle and explore the different endings depending on what you choose to do.


Pokimane talks Free Guy and acting

Did your appearance in "Free Guy" spark a desire to pursue any more acting roles?

Maybe less so in regards to acting, because I don't have as much experience acting, but I can sure as heck be me or be a gamer or do cameos. That was absolutely so fun because when you're streaming, you only have one take to say or do anything, and it's instantly what you are broadcasting. Whereas with movies, luckily you can say it a couple times, take the best take and do that. I'd love more opportunities similar to this.


Did you have a chance to perform multiple takes for your appearance in "Free Guy," or was it all done in one shot?

Oh, for sure. Plenty. Some that they scripted, they let us improv. There are certain ways that we would deliver a sentiment or a sentence or an idea. I'm really glad that they gave us that leeway and freedom.

Do you know if they used a take where you got to improvise, or did they stick with one that was in the script?

To be completely honest with you, I wish I could remember. I'm just glad they picked a good one. They did a really great job. I'm happy with it.

Pokimane imagines life in a Pokémon and Animal Crossing

In "Free Guy," the main character, Guy, is an NPC who learns that the world he lives in is a video game. If you woke up in a video game, which one would you want it to be? And, if you're being honest, which game do you belong in?


The one that I'd want to be in is probably "Pokémon." I would love to wake up in a world where I have these animals slash pets that are also on my team, and we fight bad guys together. You have all these cute, wholesome interactions with other people in your village or city and across the world.

As to which game I'd actually belong in, maybe something a little bit more laid back like "Animal Crossing." [That] sounds like leading a good life. You have some friends in the village and just hang out. Or "Harvest Moon." Any of those types of games.

But you do not want to deal with Tom in "Animal Crossing."

That's true. What a pest.

"Free Guy" is now playing in theaters nationwide.