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How The Witcher Saved This Gamer's Life

A gamer's love for "The Witcher" has apparently saved them from a stabbing. In a stranger than fiction story, a big fan of "The Witcher 3" claims to have translated their in-game luck with Gwent to real life. 


For anyone who isn't familiar, Gwent is a card game within "The Witcher" games, which has been popular enough to get its own standalone game. On Reddit, u/AntonRauch posted a story titled "How Gwent saved me from death. (A normal day in Russia)," which relayed the whole wild experience.

AntonRauch explained they saw a local listing for a physical set of Gwent cards, which had previously come packaged with a special edition of "The Witcher 3." After seeing the listing, they contacted the seller and went to buy the cards. The transaction went smoothly for them and the cards were in good condition, but things got dramatic from there.

"The day was nearing sunset, the weather was good and nothing foreshadowed trouble," AntonRauch wrote, "turning into another alley, I saw a silhouette in the distance ... When the stranger got close, he stopped and asked me for a cigarette. There was no light in this place, and I could hardly see his face."


The stranger began to quickly approach AntonRauch — and what happened next sounds like a miracle.

Gwent literally saved their life

As the stranger got close, AntonRauch wrote, "Then everything was like in a fog ... he pushed me in the chest, I flew away a couple of steps, he jumped close to me, I punched him, he dodged [and] hit me in the stomach, but I didn't feel any pain and I hit him in the ear." After this, the attacker apparently made a run for it.


After this, AntonRauch said they began to walk home. On the way, they recalled some people giving them funny looks. As AntonRauch entered their building, there was more light present — which allowed them to finally see a knife sticking out from their stomach.

After assessing the situation, they noticed that there wasn't any visible blood. AntonRauch removed the knife and realized that the attacker had stabbed the Gwent card pack in their jacket pocket, saving them from a potentially fatal injury. 

In a follow-up post, AntonRauch shared images from the incident, including one of the knife sticking out of their jacket. While there is no way to confirm this story is true, the pictures give some validation to AntonRauch's story. Either way, it's fitting that this story sounds like something out of a TV series, especially since Season 2 of "The Witcher" is arriving so soon.