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How FaZe Kay Is Trying To Make Things Right

In a new video, former FaZe Clan member Frazier "Kay" Khattri has explained how he is trying to correct his recent mistakes. On Aug. 13, Khattri uploaded a video to YouTube in which he claims his own innocence in a cryptocurrency scam. This alleged scam led to Khattri being let go from Faze Clan and saw multiple other members suspended.

The controversy started back in June, when some members of FaZe and the YouTuber Ricegum all began promoting a new cryptocurrency called SaveTheKids. The currency was meant to raise money for children in need. However, YouTube SomeOrdinaryGamers uploaded a video containing evidence supporting the theory that Khattri and the others were promoting the currency in a sort of "pump and dump" scheme. The goal of this type of scheme would be to artificially raise the price of the currency by encouraging fans to buy it before it lost its value.

In the video, which opens with an ink-blotted intro sequence and a notice stating "this is against all legal advice," Khattri denies having any knowledge that the SaveTheKids crypto fundraiser was a scam. He instead places blame on Sam Pepper, a partner in the fundraiser and a controversial YouTuber who is infamous for his alleged involvement in several cases of sexual harassment.

"I've been having to bite my tongue for this whole month while we collect all the evidence," Khattri explained in the video. "I would never in a million years, on purpose or intentionally, try to harm, take advantage, or scam anybody. I am no crypto-mastermind, alright? I'm literally a content creator, and I trusted the wrong people."

Khattri then moved on to how he plans to make amends for this incident.

Faze Kay plans to give refunds

Later in the video, Khattri showed a screenshot that allegedly proves that the SaveTheKids fund made a donation to Binance Lunch for Children, a crypto-based charity that provides meals for school children in Uganda. This donation was supposed to be the outcome of SaveTheKids in the first place, instead of making money for the influencers involved.

At the end of the video, Khattri provided a dedicated email address that would allow people who donated to SaveTheKids to request reimbursement. Khattri also said any ad revenue made from the apology video would be donated, along with whatever crypto he had remaining.

"I've spent 10 years in this space and never been involved in any kind of drama," Khattri said. "I think that anyone that knows me knows that this is not a reflection of the person that I am. I lost a lot from this. This experience has been the biggest regret and reset of my entire life, and I want you to know that I'm gonna be completely changing my lifestyle moving forward."

In the midst of this drama, people have been worried that this incident may have caused personal issues between Khattri and his real-life brother, FaZe Jarvis.