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Why We're Worried About FaZe Kay And FaZe Jarvis' Relationship

FaZe Clan has recently become embroiled in an apparent cryptocurrency scam that has threatened brothers FaZe Kay and FaZe Jarvis' status with the professional esports organization. FaZe Kay has been removed from the group entirely, while FaZe Jarvis received a temporary suspension, but some are worried that the incident might also have an impact on their personal relationship.

The controversy that started this whole mess arises from a supposed charity cryptocurrency that the brothers, along with other members of FaZe Clan, helped promote on social media. The crypto was called Save The Kids, and it supposedly contributed to humanitarian efforts to aid underprivileged children. However, things quickly got worse for everyone involved after the YouTube channel SomeOrdinaryGamers published an investigative video indicating that the charity was a sham and that FaZe Clan members had profited off their involvement with it. Simply put, it appeared as though these members had artificially raised the value of the cryptocurrency, only to quickly sell it off right before its value dropped.

FaZe Clan and the gaming community are reeling from the impact of this apparent scam. While FaZe Clan founder FaZe Banks has distanced himself from the drama, the fallout of this controversy has raised questions concerning Kay and Jarvis' trust in one another. Here is what has fans worried about Fayze Kay and FaZe Jarvis' relationship.

FaZe Clan suspension come at a difficult moment for FaZe Jarvis

The backlash from the incident would have been significant no matter what, but it comes a particularly fragile time for FaZe Jarvis. His recent success in a boxing match helped reignite interest in the banned "Fortnite" streamer's career, and becoming embroiled in this damaging controversy was probably not a part of his comeback plans.

Perhaps the most illustrative example of a possible rift between the brothers, who famously celebrated together when FaZe Jarvis learned he had earned a place in FaZe Clan, has been the sheer silence regarding the other's involvement. While FaZe Kay did note in his only video addressing the situation that his ability to communicate with the public was limited due to ongoing legal investigations, FaZe Jarvis has not put out any statement about Save The Kids whatsoever. 

The problems become even more pronounced when considering that fans on Reddit speculate that FaZe Kay may indeed be facing a criminal investigation for his involvement. Kay is believed to have a higher degree of participation in the Save The Kids scam, indicated by his more severe punishment from within FaZe Clan. If Jarvis is unwilling or unable to speak out on his brother's behalf, then there may be a deeper conflict between the two than first meets the eye — or one could be brewing. Unfortunately, fans of the esports org will simply have to wait and see how this all plays out.