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Tragic Details About Markiplier

For those that have been on the gaming side of YouTube for awhile, Markiplier should be a familiar name. The content creator has seen an insane amount of success through the years — so much so that his net worth may surprise you.


Between playing terrifying games for the internet to laugh at and seriously hurting himself playing a VR game, the star has had a pretty great career on the platform. He's even raised over $3,000,000 for charity through his channel. With around 30 million subscribers and over 16 billion views, it's impossible to ignore Markiplier's presence on YouTube.

There are plenty of facts fans may not know about Markiplier, but all in all, he's a pretty open and honest YouTuber. He's described a lot of his life from before his gaming career, and he's also kept fans updated as things have happened in the time he's been making content. However, Markiplier isn't immune to tragedy and has experienced his fair share of unfortunate circumstances throughout his life. 


Markiplier lost his father to cancer

To celebrate getting 1,000,000 subscribers, Markiplier did a "Draw My Life" video back in 2013. The star had a lot of good, and bad, things to say about his life growing up. One of the most heartbreaking moments in the video happened as Markiplier explained his father's death.


When Markiplier was in university, his dad passed away one summer. The two were pretty close, as Markiplier grew up living with his father, brother, and stepmother. Markiplier was with his dad as he passed, and he recalled his dad's last words to him: "I love you, so much."

This had a massive impact on the streamer. Later in Markiplier's career, after speaking with "Doom Eternal" developers, the devs put an unexpected Easter Egg into the game to honor his late father. The Easter Egg references Markiplier's father in an in-game book that discusses his grand mustache, which Markiplier has shared before.

Markiplier's parents divorced when he was young

In the same "Draw My Life" video, Markiplier shared that his parents divorced when he was pretty young, and it impacted quite a few things for the creator.

The YouTuber mentioned that his mother wasn't happy, which he and his brother didn't understand. He never explained exactly why his mother was unhappy, instead choosing to be a bit vague about the situation. However, it led to his parents getting a divorce and Markiplier, his brother, and his father struggling a bit afterward.


This meant that Markiplier had to leave the school he attended. Luckily, when he moved, he ended up making some friends and joining the school band.

Markiplier also mentioned that the divorce led to him and his brother losing their video games, but the family computer stayed. This "sparked [his] love of computers and technology." Through an unfortunate and difficult experience for any kid, Markiplier found a place within the world of computer gaming.

Markiplier also lost his biggest supporter

Unfortunately, Markiplier has lost more than just his dad throughout his life. His niece, Miranda, died in a car accident in 2018, and it led to Markiplier taking a short break from streaming and YouTube in general.


Markiplier was, understandably, very upset about the situation. After telling viewers that he was all right, he asked for love and support to reach Miranda's family.

A few days later, Markiplier returned to YouTube with Miranda's father. He explained that Miranda was one of his "earliest supporters," and that she would "brag about being related to [him]."

Markiplier wanted to explain that he was related to her through marriage and not blood, and that family is whoever you make it. Miranda's father came on camera to thank viewers and also to reach out to the people who commented about losing loved ones as well.

Markiplier had a rough time getting on his own two feet

In his "Draw My Life" video, Markiplier mentioned that his life somewhat fell apart after his father died. He had moved in with his mom after his father's death, and he was still very confused about what to do with his life.


At the time, his mother did not approve of who Markiplier was dating. This, along with other things Markiplier didn't go into detail about, led to his mother kicking him out. Luckily, Markiplier was able to get a place to live pretty easily.

Quickly after Markiplier found his own place, he lost his job. Then, he and his girlfriend broke up. After what seems like life knocking Markiplier down over and over again, the YouTuber ended up in the hospital in severe pain and had to have his appendix taken out, as well as a tumor.

While this all sounds completely tragic, it did lead Markiplier to deciding to make his life his own again and be happy. To do this, he bought a camera, and the rest is YouTube history.