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Meet Nadeshot's Girlfriend, Haley Hey

As a former "Call of Duty" pro and CEO of 100 Thieves, Matt "Nadeshot" Haag stands out as an influential figure in the esports community. So, when Haley Hey came into his life, his followers became invested in who she was too. Outside of posts featuring her and Nadeshot on Twitter and select YouTube videos that feature her on his channel, she doesn't appear much in the public eye. 

One of those aforementioned posts was a celebratory tweet about the couple's two-year anniversary on August 17, 2021, which many friends commented on in congratulations. But even that happy photo may leave diehard fans wondering: Just who is this woman who has captured Nadeshot's heart?

Despite the amount of time Haley has spent around the games industry, she still hasn't revealed that much about her personal life and career — aside from her love for Nadeshot. However, there are a few facts that fans have gleaned from social media, Q&A videos, and other online avenues.

Here are some lesser-known facts you might not know about Nadeshot's girlfriend, Haley Hey.

She keeps her socials private

Many games industry professionals use social media to keep their followers updated on their lives and market themselves. However, Haley keeps most of her social media accounts set to private. During a Q&A video with Nadeshot, a fan asked Haley if she would ever consider going public, to which she replied, "No, I won't."

"Then you need to worry about things that you post," she reasoned. "It's not that I'm posting anything bad, but then you need to think more than you should."

Haley's Twitter is her only public account, which she uses to support Nadeshot's posts and his endeavors. Her recent history mostly shows likes and short, supportive comments on his, 100 Thieves, and other friends' tweets. Haley almost exclusively posts about Nadeshot or their dog on her own timeline. Basically, she's her Nadeshot's ultimate fan, and her support is obvious.

Nadeshot stands by Haley's decision to stay off social media. In fact, Haley's choice to keep her socials private proved to him early on that she didn't care about superficial things. In the Q&A with fans, Nadeshot said, "You don't find a lot of women nowadays that really don't care about their self-image on social media."

She likes to plan in advance

Haley likes to plan, much to Nadeshot's hilarious dismay. The gamer admitted that her tendency to plan every detail was one of his pet peeves about her in their joint Q&A video. In response, Haley revealed that one of her pet peeves was how he hated her planning.

Haley gave an example of how she tried to think ahead for what to do after dinner one night. Their friend Brooke (presumably fellow 100 Thieves member BrookeAB) and her boyfriend were coming back to town, so Haley had the idea to play Codenames, a new board game the couple has just picked up, with the two of them.

"Haley's always trying to plan something," Nadeshot explained. "We literally have two dinner reservations for a month from now."

In contrast, Nadeshot said he would prefer to just go with the flow. If he had to choose, he would probably just stay at home and watch TV instead of think up plans. However, he did admit that he found her love for plans "endearing."

"Just for context, I plan more in my life now, especially for 100 Thieves, than I ever have in my life before," he said, suggesting that Haley's meticulous nature might be rubbing off on him.

She's invested in the gaming space

Haley has plenty of experience in the gaming industry, which she noted during Nadeshot's Q&A with her. According to her LinkedIn profile, she's worked a number of PR and talent management jobs over the years, including handling press releases for FaZe Clan.

Haley doesn't have an interest in streaming like many other female figures in the space, but she did mention in the Q&A that she was "good at video games." She also seems to have a healthy understanding of online culture, considering how she made fun of her boyfriend with the "HBR" meme

On more than one occasion, Haley has questioned Nadeshot's decision to pull out this particular weapon during an infamous "Call of Duty" championship match against FaZe Clan (which Dexerto notes may have cost his team the game). Fans have made HBR jokes at Nade's expense ever since. Haley's use of the joke not only proves that she has her finger on the pulse of the gamer crowd, but that she and Nadeshot are comfortable enough to roast each other now and then.