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How Long Does It Take To Beat Psychonauts 2?

Critically-acclaimed "Psychonauts 2" centers on delving deep into the minds of others to help free them from the various burdens of life. The sequel, which was pushed back to 2020 and then again to 2021, has captured the attention of both fans of the original installment and newer audiences. With a stellar Metacritic rating and a unique aesthetic, it's easy to see why so many people are interested in the game.

According to critics, "Psychonauts 2" has a lot to offer, including a stellar storyline, fantastic characters, and even multiple worlds to explore and complete. It's a pretty big title for 2021, but there are a lot of high profile games coming out right around the same time. Given this, you may wonder if you should pay the full $60 to pick up the action-adventure or wait for it to go on sale. Just how much content does "Psychonauts 2" include?

Psychonauts 2 isn't the longest game, but offers unique experiences

According to How Long to Beat, players invested an average of 13 hours to complete "Psychonauts 2." This includes the main storyline and playing the game at a standard regular pace. NME supported this estimate, reporting that the core campaign took around 15 hours to finish, even though the reviewer "was pretty thorough with the collectables."

"Psychonauts 2" has way more to take in than just the central arc, however. There are plenty of areas to check out and items to find if you want to 100% the title. According to How Long to Beat, this ambitious endeavor should take around 20 hours.

While 15-20 hours might not seem like a lot, the streamlined combat system contributes to the shorter runtime. According to John Marks of IGN, the combat in "Psychonauts 2" is easy to grasp. In fact, the bosses all function pretty similarly, so learning how to maneuver around them doesn't take much time. Though you could see this as a drawback, Marks felt the aesthetics, soundtrack, and variety of mechanics kept the gameplay feeling fresh.