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The Real Reason Asmongold Wants To Quit Twitch

Asmongold has long been one of the most popular and vocal gaming content creators on Twitch and YouTube, particularly when it comes to his "World of Warcraft" and "Final Fantasy 14" gameplay videos. The streamer has also never shied away from letting people know how he feels about the latest trends in gaming and his views on the industry at large. However, it seems that level of authenticity has become much harder for the streamer to maintain recently, and Asmongold's recent comments suggest that this could ultimately lead him to retreat from streaming altogether.

During a recent Twitch broadcast, Asmongold expressed the feeling that he can't be himself on stream, which is causing him to not enjoy it anymore. "I like having fun, I like playing things up, I like doing that stuff," he explained. "And honestly ... if I can't have fun, and I constantly have to, like, watch what I say, because people are gonna, like, take it and use it against me, I just don't want to stream anymore."

While it's not entirely clear if any particular incident spurred on this confession from Asmongold, it's worth noting that the demands of a consistent streaming schedule can certainly take a toll on a creator. Here's what Asmongold had to say about why he might step away from streaming.

Asmongold says that streamer is "not fun"

Asmongold admitted that he has been thinking about quitting the streaming game, saying that a "big part of him" was simply tired of it all. "I don't want to do it anymore," he said. "It's not fun, I'm not enjoying myself, and if it keeps up this way I probably will [quit]."

He added, "I hate to say it, but I don't want to deal with this anymore. I just don't. I don't have to."

Of course, Asmongold isn't the first streaming star to admit to feeling exhausted by the daily pressures of their profession. Just recently, Pokimane admitted to feeling "burnt out" and indicated that she will be significantly scaling back her many projects. PewDiePie gladly lost a chunk of change so he could take a break earlier this year, proving that sometimes a streamer has to recharge, just like anyone else.

And perhaps that's what Asmongold will end up doing. The streamer took a break earlier this year, and although fans were worried about him, he ended up making his return relatively quickly. As long as the streamer finds a way to make streaming fun and rewarding for himself again, then fans may be able to look forward to plenty more years of Asmongold content.